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Explode Your Home Based Business Sales By The High Search Engine Ranking

Oct 12, 2007
The question, which my downliners do every now and then is: how can I reach the top position at Google with a certain keyword? And my answer is: to get the top ranking at Google your site must be search engine optimized ( SEO ) and it must have enough backlinks.

That means that, when you write the site you use a certain keyword in all tags, in the title, teaser and in the body. Now when the customer of the search engine types the same keyword into the search box, the engine can propably pick your site into the result page. That is how it works.

1. What Are The Good Keywords?
How to pick the keywords? Try to think like your site visitor. What they may think, when they ponder what to type into the search bar? You may sell affiliate program membership, but your prospect is looking for chances to earn residual income.

The most effective page title has about 75 characters and include your most important keyword in the beginning. The keyword density should be around 2 or 3 % of the total amount of the words. If the keyword density is much more, the search engine easily see your site as spammed and will pass it by.

2.The Quality Backlinks Will Build The Necessary Contacts.
Like in any business, also in the internet home based business the links with other related sites are effective. These will bring your site a lot of targeted traffic and raise the site high on the search engine rankings.

The search engines see the backlinks like votes from other sites to your site. The more votes your site has, the more popular it is in the eyes of the search engines. An effective way to collect votes, is to submit the home based business site to as many online business directories as possible. They will raise your site upwards in the search engines.

3.Submit Your Home Based Business Site To Major Search Engines.
Submit at least to Google, Yahoo and MSN. These three represent around 90 % of the searches done and they each have a slightly different profile. Older people still prefer AOL, professional people prefer MSN and Google and the younger ones Yahoo. Most of the users use more than one search engine. Your target group will determine which one to choose.

4.Use A Lot Of Text.
The search engine crawlers are looking for text, they do not understand anything about the pictures or images. It is useful to use text even in the drop down menus, headers and footers.

5.Online Searching Is The Third Most Used Method To Search The Information.
The traffic from the searches has one great benefit: the searcher himself does the search, i.e. he picks the keyword which he has decided in advance. So when he arrives your site, it is more or less his choice, his attitude is positive.
Studies also show that the consumers trust the search results more than on advertising, which gives as such a great benefit for those who use optimized site and SEO technique.
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