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Make sure you Create a Win Win Situation

Aug 17, 2007
Everybody that surfs the net are looking for the same thing, information. This is why we call it the information highway. If your visitor does not get what he/she is looking for and that is outstanding information they will simply say see you later buddy boy. Remember when your mom use to tell you that you can never be over dressed. Well the same applies on the Internet. You can never offer too much information. You must deliver with original, high-value info. Remember... initially, your visitor is looking for beneficial information. He/She is not necessarily looking for your business.

Your job is to provide quality info that reinforces in your visitor's mind that you are an "expert" he/she can trust. One who can grant her wish or solve his/her problem. If you don't do this, simply say bye bye because a press of the back button will be next step on your visitor's agenda and the exact words out of his mouth is..."Who's next?"

Keep in mind that Search Engines use computer programs called spiders to go out and bring your site back to its home (database). Another program (called an algorithm) decides whether your site, or some other one, is more relevant to a search request for a certain keyword.

If a Web surfer searches for "make me money," then Google wants to deliver the most relevant make me money sites on the Net. If someone else searches for "find me traffic," then Google wants to give that searcher the most relevant sites for that word.

You must honestly convince each Search Engine that your page is the most relevant (at least in the Top 20, preferably in the Top 10) for each keyword that you target. If you trick the engine, your success won't last long, and when it discovers the trick, it will ban you. Why? Because the Search Engines are in business, too. Their product is the quality of their search results. Help them make their product better and they'll love you. Tricks, though, hurt the Search Engine's product. Think about it... what would you do if someone tried to sabotage the quality of your product?

So help the searcher, who is your potential visitor and customer (or a customer for
your merchant-partner) solve his problem -- deliver what he wants, in spades. Satisfy the whole reason why he is doing the search. If you do this, you add value to the Search Engines' product. And they'll love you for it.
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