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Why You Must Write Or Hire A Writer Right Now

Oct 12, 2007
Fresh content is king. Search engines are frantically searching 24 hours a day for the best fresh content to provide to the people using them to search. If you believe that then you will understand why you must start writing articles or hiring a writer to do them for you. No excuses anymore. Your business depends on it. Are there any other benefits that article writing and article marketing can provide you. Let's see!

First of all article marketing is free or very close to it. The only thing it takes you is the time to research and write an article. If you hire a writer the only thing it takes you is a little money and the time it takes to place your order.

This is not to minimize the importance of good articles. The internet is full of trashy articles that are nothing more than rehashed trashy articles. They offer nothing to the reader. So not only is writing important, so is the quality of the articles you write or have written.

If you go to your favorite keyword research tool and look up any keyword you are going to come up with hundreds of variations that are being searched for. If you do a long tail version of that word you will come up with thousands more. People are searching in different ways all over the world. That is the next thing article writing can do for you. It allows you to write around specific keywords which when submitted online can begin to bring you traffic from all of these words. Imagine building up an article base of articles targeting thousands of keywords relating to the theme of your site. This is powerful stuff!

Another thing is when you take your articles and turn them into web pages or blog posts you begin to get noticed by the search engines. They especially love it when you take these articles in a unique version and place them in your blog on a daily basis. Being consistent in doing this is very important. Soon you find your site getting spidered daily as well. What happens after that is you see your blog posts showing up on page one of the various keywords being searched.

You can submit your articles very quickly to social directories by bookmarking the url of the blog post containing your article. This bookmark creates a new url in the social directory itself which can be read. And these bookmarked urls can be indexed and show up on page one in Google for example leading to even more traffic. This is a huge benefit to your business, and it all started from an article.

Submitting your articles to article directories is a great way to build your reputation and get back links to your site. People will visit it based on how good your articles are. You are allowed to put a resource box at the bottom of your article and put your website address in it. This link pointing back to your site can be found for years to come. As they begin to trust you, from seeing you around the web so to speak, your conversion rate into sales, newsletter sign ups and other desired results will increase also. This is what good articles written by you, or for you, can do.

This is a few reasons why you must write fresh articles. If not you then hire a good writer and do it. Think quality when creating a new article. This fresh content will bring you new business and traffic that you would not have otherwise.
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