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What The Heck Does Monopoly Have To Do With Network Marketing?

Oct 12, 2007
Imagine discovering that you were playing your favorite game by the wrong set of rules all your life. Here I was, playing my all time favorite game, Monopoly. And for some strange reason I decided to stop and read the directions.

Usually, I give out 1500 bucks to every person participating, and then place 500 big ones in the middle of the board to start off the free parking space pile. What's more, is throughout the entire game all the money collected by the banker is placed on the free parking space too. So as you can imagine over time there is a mound of cash waiting for anyone who lands on the free parking space.

Well you'll never guess what I discovered. As stated by the official Monopoly rules: Free Parking; A player landing on this place does not receive any money, property or reward of any kind. This is just a "free" resting-place.

You could imagine how surprised I was by this. For longer than I care to remember I just played along to a set of rules that I never thought to stop and question. This is the exact same feeling that came over me when I dug deeper in to network marketing.

For instance, people today are stuck on the dream that they can build a down line to China in network marketing. Network Marketing is not like it used to be 30 years ago when there were only a handful of companies like Amway, Mary Kay and a few others.

With today's technology, it doesn't take any more than 50 bucks worth of computer software to come up with an affiliate program. That's right! There are a bunch of Joe Smoes out there cranking out new network marketing companies and affiliate programs that are sleeker, sexier, and promise boatloads more cash. This is why people are jumping out of moving cars to join other companies.

What about the idea of buying leads at 3 to 10 dollars a pop. More times than not you're doing nothing but wasting your time talking to deadbeats who are broke-minded, negative, and down right nasty. You know, the kind of people you DON'T want in your organization.

Think about the heavy hitters in this industry: Joe Schroeder, Dennis Karganilla, Corey Whidbee, or Gregory "Big Brother" Drake. When was the last time they gave you a call to join their organization or joint venture deal? That would be like HBO, AOL, Rachael Ray, or Oprah giving you a call to buy their product.

You know why they don't call you? Because, when you have people calling you for the 411 on your products they are way more qualified than someone you call. That's just a known fact.

Or what about the idea of going through your own black book to build your downline. Pitch to your neighbor, pastor, family, the dog, or whatever poor soul is in a 3-foot radius of you. The idea is that you will get 3 who will get 3 who will get 3 and so forth.

You want to know why this will rarely work? It's actually psychological.

When you pitch the idea to, let's say, Bob, off the street to make an extra $2000 to $5000 a month it won't register to him. A person's internal world is 2 times bigger than what exist in the external world.

What does this mean? See Bob works a typical 9-5, grossing 35K a year after taxes. To Bob, internally, he is only worth 35K a year. So when you approach Bob with those figures he will automatically reject it because his self-worth is lower.

This is why the average MLMer is spinning his/her wheels buying leads, handing out magazines, or hosting in-home meetings. Do these things work? Sure. But it's a hit or miss.

Wallace Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich, states that if you can do certain things in a certain way you will get rich with mathematical precision. There is a certain way to get rich in network marketing and it's by being on the supply side. People who are offering systems, media, training, and leads are making the serious dough.

Take a step back and look at your business structure. Are you doing things in a certain way? Well, now that you know the rules, and it's your decision on how you will keep playing.
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Corey Whidbee is a professional network marketer who specializes in teaching others how to be successful with network marketing. Find out how to align your business on the supply side .
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