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MLM Training - MLM Diseases, Avoid Them Before They Destroy YOU!

Oct 12, 2007
It's a disease, and it's an epidemic. MLM "excusitis".

Common symptoms of MLM excusitis are complaints that you don't have enough time or money or your upline is an idiot. When faced with this tragic disease it is important to seek help immediately. If not treated immediately this illness can lead to poor, if not dire financial consequences for the rest of your life. If that isn't bad enough, MLM excusitis is extremely contagious.

99% of the people that fail in MLM suffer from MLM excusitis, and they typically have family and friends that suffer from the same disease. Amazingly enough these people rarely realize that they have it, claiming that it's not their fault that they have failed.

As times goes on MLM excusitis only gets worse and in most cases will cause the person to quit MLM for life, failing to realize that the only likely cure for their poor financial situation is MLM itself.

Obviously this disease, if left untreated, can cause serious blindness. Worse yet, many people stay in MLM while suffering from this disease and infect other people. Some have recently labeled that "the blind, leading the blind."

Although this could be considered to be a crude an outdated treatment for MLM excusitis, most experts believe that after the person with this disease has been given treatment and shows no signs of being cured that they should be shunned. While considered harsh by todays standards, those who continue to associate with the infected, eventually become infected themselves.

Should you choose to continue to associate with those who suffer from this extremely common disease that infects 7 out of 10 people who start an MLM business realize that you have almost no chance of survival.

Obviously this isn't a report from a medical journal but MLM excusitis is such a common malady that it probably should be more heavily publicized than it is. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

One of the biggest reasons people fail every MLM opportunity that they join is that they fail to realize that they are the only common denominator in all of these failures. Although self inspection can be difficult it's absolutely necessary.

Are you suffering from MLM excusitis? Are your failures always the companies fault or your uplines fault? What can you do to prevent another MLM failure?

Start by choosing your upline carefully. The MLM company you are joining isn't nearly as important as the person that you are involved with. You'll spend a lot more time with your upline than you ever will with every member of your MLM companies home office.

Had I really known what I was doing the first several times I got involved in MLM I would have spent more time asking questions from my upline and finding out if he or she even had a clue what they were doing.

What training systems are in place? Have they taught anybody else to become successful and if so, how many success stories do they have? Do you even like them? MLM is an all volunteer army and although you don't have to like them, it will sure make things more enjoyable.

How long has your potential upline been with the company? Most people don't ever stop to consider that very few people can jump from company to company and achieve success. Are they still "in the game"? You want to find somebody that's still in the trenches doing what you'll be doing, otherwise they may teach you outdated methods.

Are you willing to work with somebody or do you really want to be the "Lone Ranger"? You'd be amazed at the number of people that fail because they have to do everything the hard way. Do you want success bad enough to follow somebody that actually knows what they're doing?

There is absolutely no reason you have to suffer from MLM excusitis, but if you are, recognize it and make changes now. Your future can be filled with success.
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