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MLM Training - Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Is Alive And Well

Oct 12, 2007
MLM, this sounds interesting, I think I'll give it a try. And so it begins, the failure process takes a little time, but it's almost inevitable. When you begin your MLM business with the words "I think I'll give it a try" you've got almost no chance at becoming successful.

Can you imagine your wedding day and instead of saying "I do" at the alter you say "I think I'll give it a try" What about your first day on a new job, you walk in and tell your new boss "I think I'll give it a try"! Sounds ridiculous, but you would never say those words in those situations and you shouldn't say it when you start an MLM business either.

Why do we even let people join our MLM business when they utter those words? You're only fooling yourself if you think that anybody who says, "I think I'll give it a try" has any chance at real success in MLM.

What they're really saying is "I'm going to talk to 2 or 3 people and unless they all think this is the greatest idea I have ever had, I'm going to quit"! Guess what happens? Somebody is going to tell them that MLM doesn't work and their lengthy experiment of one or two days comes to a quick end.

As soon as this new MLM recruit quits, they will proclaim, "I knew it wouldn't work"! Don't let this happen to you. Here's what happens every time you bring somebody new into your MLM business, you get excited and you know that this new member of your team is "the one".

When they quit you're devastated, and when it happens to you over and over again you start to think that MLM isn't going to work for you. That's not the case at all, but your mind starts to mess with you and your own self-fulfilling prophecy starts to work against you too.

So what should you do? Take drastic measures. This is going to sound bizarre and you'll probably never actually do it, until you get fed up with hearing "I think I'll give it a try". You finish your presentation and your prospect fills out the application. If they say those deadly words "I think I'll give it a try" rip up their application and tell them that they aren't the person you're looking for.

Politely tell them that when they're ready to get serious about their future that they should get in touch with you. Their success is too important for you to allow them to fail. Put a pen on the table and tell them to try and pick it up. It's this simple, you either decide to pick it up, or you decide to leave it on the table, but you can't try to pick it up.

There's no doubt that you won't do this when you first start your MLM business, even though you should. Until you experience "I think I'll give it a try" a few times and realize that none of these people ever become successful, you'll probably be reluctant to tell it like it really is.

You will enable people to fail. Chances are you'll enable a lot of people to fail, until you come to realize that you will never do anything great in your life with such wishy washy thinking.

There's no telling how many people could have become successful if I had enough backbone to stop being an enabler. Every now and then I think about the people who could be living a much different life, if only I had been stronger.

You may think that telling somebody the real truth, that "I think I'll give it a try" only leads to failure is being mean. The real truth is, allowing people to fail simply because you don't have the courage to tell them the truth is wrong. Very wrong.

Do you want MLM success? If you say, "I think I'll give it a try" you are preparing to fail, and your actions will lead to your failure so you can tell everybody that will listen, I tried MLM and it doesn't work.
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