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How Do People Online Create Products?

Oct 12, 2007
How do people online create products? Because they, not all of them, but a lot of them have mastered a certain practice. Usually the first products that they create, those that have mastered it, are basically a by-product of what they have mastered. Again, using pay per click as an example. You can master pay per click, and say you are doing it just for your home based business just so you can make money, just so it can work. Say you make sales and you are doing fine and you are making more money than what you are use to when you first started before you mastered pay per click, great. Well, what is another income stream that you can immediately spawn off this and also to help other people that use to be in your situation.

You can go as far as to make an ebook, or do a video series, an audio series or something on pay per click in the home based business arena. If you want to write a book on it, write a book, it does not matter if it is ten, twenty, thirty, forty or fifty pages or more, write it and have somebody edit it for you, pay somebody to get some graphics done for you, graphics are cheap, you can get them done for sixty-five to maybe a hundred and fifty bucks for your site, it is pretty cheap. And if you cannot write sales copy pay a copy writer to write your sales letter for your website. You can get a copy writer to write your copy from anywhere from two hundred and fifty bucks to five thousand dollars depending on who you find.

And that is it, you have your own product and now you are making money from that product. You could never have done that without mastering something and then starting to brand yourself with that. That new product that you just created also became your brand. You are now known as the pay per click master. Robert, the pay per click master, and pretty soon when you use that in all your marketing on the sites that you sign off with, on your lead capture pages, on your name squeeze pages, in your emails, on your product that you have, Robert, the pay per click master. It starts to get in peoples' heads.

Lots of advertisements on TV such as Coca Cola, when we were younger we use to see Coca Cola commercials on TV, we use to see Pepsi commercials on TV. I probably would have never have known about Pepsi, it would have never popped into my mind when I though about soda, if they did not brand themselves and do commercials on TV. Every time I saw a soda commercial, it was like a Coca Cola or Pepsi commercial. They do that because it brands themselves. So now when you think about having a soda, the first thing you think is Pepsi or Coca Cola. That is branding.

How can branding of this sort help you in your home based business? One, it can create an extra revenue stream for you if you master one of the techniques. It is kind of a fruit of your labor. When you master something, it is extremely hard work, because you have to learn it, apply it, test it and tweak it to yourself and how you do things, it is definitely work. But there is a fruit to it. One, you can make more sales in your business because you are now able to market properly. Two, you can spawn off products based on that. People are going to perceive you, because you know more than the average person, as an expert because you know more than them.

Basically anyone who perceives anybody as an expert is anybody that knows more than them in that subject area. I am not a doctor in the medical field, that is why I go to a doctor to treat me if I am sick. They are the expert in the medical field because they certainly know more about medicine than I do. They took the time to go to school for eight years, get a medical degree and that is what they do to make money. They know more than I do and they are the expert in that industry so I look at them as the expert. They are the expert in medicine, I go to them, pay them money based on their expertise to give me advice on what I should do for my problems.
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