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Business Ideas for the Internet: General Transcriptionist

Oct 12, 2007
Today, there is a growing trend seeing many sites on the Internet offering teleseminars and podcasts. This becomes a great way for website owners to grab the attention of customers they already have, as well as advertise some of their products and services to fresh clients.

These changes seen on the Internet have also created a wide-range of opportunities for people to gain employment as a general transciptionist. There are plenty of website owners who need someone to listen to audio files and type out what they hear so they may prepare documents that are then made available for customers or sold at a later date.

While audio files are quite popular to listen to, there are many people who still enjoy reading, which encourages the forward-thinking website owner to provide their visitors with both an Mp3 file of audio, as well as a PDF file based on the written content of the audio.

The difference between general transcription and medical transcription is that there is no need to attend a course in order to qualify. All you have to know how to do is sit down and be able to type out all of the things you hear. Sometimes, there is software for your computer that will help slow down the audio files that you are listening to. This assists in better listening to the content and allows you to type at a decent pace. With general transcription, you don't need to have super speedy typing skills, although you will need to know how to accurately type at a moderate speed.

Besides possessing reasonable typing skills, you will also need to be able to sit for long stretches of time and possess a good deal of knowledge on grammar, vocabulary, and language. While the spell check capabilities of your computer or word processor will detect many of your mistakes, it is still a good idea to refresh your memory.

When typing out files, many clients may prefer that you create Microsoft Word documents. You may also be asked to convert a file into a PDF format, which is easy enough with one of the many free converters found online. It is also suggested to obtain a high speed Internet connection as well when becoming a general transcriptionist. This is because you will receive audio files from clients and the process may become difficult if you are stuck with a dial-up Internet connection. Once you complete your work, you will send it by way of the Internet and if you possess a slow online connection, then it could take longer than if you had cable internet or DSL.

When looking for these kinds of jobs, you can find them by searching through job boards and freelance job sites scattered across the Internet. A popular selection is called elance.com. The majority of staffing companies situated on the Internet are now looking for general transcriptions as well. If you are familiar with some of the sites that offer PDF versions of audio recording, it is recommended to directly contact them to see if they are hiring.

Today, there are plenty of opportunities within the increasingly popular and progression field of general transcription. Once you become established, you are set on the path towards enjoying a stable and beneficial career.
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