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Business Ideas for the Internet: Talk Radio & Podcast

Oct 12, 2007
If you've ever had visions of becoming a popular talk show host just like Oprah Winfrey or David Letterman, then entering the field of talk radio or delivering a podcast could be just the right career move for yourself.

When you start a talk radio show on the Internet or a podcast, you can easily pursue your talk show dreams. By choosing any format you desire, you can utilize your air time in any way possible, including sharing your opinions, giving suggestions, or offering tips on any topic you deem fit. Additionally, you can choose to have a co-host or ask guests to participate on a weekly basis. This allows you to provide professional or expert knowledge on the topics you deal with.

Starting your own talk show or podcast doesn't cost much. One of the things you need is Audio Acrobat, which is a month-to-month subscription service that permits the recording of radio talk shows through the use of a PC microphone or a telephone.

The service hosts the audio on your behalf so there is no hassle about possessing enough disk space, as audio files tend to take up a large amount of room. The service also permits the streaming of live audio across the Internet with the use of an audio player. You will also encounter the choice to provide a link to an audio file so that listeners can download your information onto their PC or Mp3 player.

Some people have been successful in using a radio talk show to promote services and products they are marketing, as well as gain more exposure for personal ventures, such as running a business. Talk shows on the Internet can help obtain extra money on the side.

For an example, let's say you already own a content site about dogs. If you add a weekly podcast, you will have the opportunity to conduct interviews with various breeders, advertise various dog products (treats, pet food, obedience training) and much more. If you offer a service, such as web page design, you can speak upon how important images can be for a website and show examples of how you can use graphics to boost a website.

Additionally, you could benefit from a new source of income by incorporating paid sponsors and advertising in relation to your talk show or podcast. This would be like the kind of advertising you hear on local radio stations, as companies would have to pay you a fee for having their ad air on your show. Some people have even charged a fee for others to come on their shows to talk about their products or services. Interviews are also conducted just like any other kind of guest would receive. Listeners have no clue that you are making a profit from the interview unless they were told.

Many people have gone crazy over podcasts, as they really enjoy having the ability to download talk shows and listen to them whenever they want. While the public already embraces them, podcasts continue to become more favorable, especially with those who are buying Mp3 players. If you consider yourself the owner of a reasonable speaking voice and enjoy connecting with your website visitors with a completely fresh approach, then consider starting up a podcast. This way you can watch your profits increase, as the popularity of your podcast rises.
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