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Making Money With Resale Rights

Oct 12, 2007
Among the great things about selling downloadable or digital products are the high profit margins due to the economic phenomenon of instant scalability. Because the cost to produce an additional unit of a digital product is zero, the purchase price of the product is all profit. It is for this reason that many people are producing digital and downloadable products on the internet.

However, this can be a roadblock for those who are new to internet marketing and have nothing to sell. While one may have the knowledge as to why a digital product may be a good thing to sell, the individual may not have the means or the know-how to produce something of value to sell.

There is a way around this road block, and it is in master resale rights. In order to increase his or her exposure, or simply to sweeten a sale, a product creator may allow anyone who purchases the product to obtain master resale rights. This privilege gives the purchaser the opportunity to resell at a profit.

This is not, however, simply the opportunity to sell it and keep the difference. Master resale rights give full ownership over to another party, allowing them to sell the product at whatever price they deem appropriate and keep the complete purchase price. This also gives the individual the right to give the product away for free, to put it on eBay, or to keep it to his or herself. Obtaining master resale rights allows the purchaser to do whatever he or she decides is best with the product.

If one can obtain master resale rights from many product, he or she can leverage time, energy, and profits without doing any additional work. Therefore, those who are unable to create a product on their own can use this as a workaround and still make good money.

Some products come with master resale rights as part of the package in order to increase the interest of those purchasing the product. Some may also allow this as part of the package simply to get their name to a broader audience. However, in other cases, one will need to inquire about purchasing the resale rights. If you, or another individual, is are able to contact a product owner that has not previously sold resale rights, and persuade him or her to sell it to you, it puts you in a position to make a large sum of money over time.
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While there are many work at home programs on the internet, one that gives its users products with master resale rights is Ultimate Wealth Package.
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