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Business Ideas for the Internet: Proofreading & Editing

Oct 12, 2007
Are you the kind of person who cringes when they spot typos splattered on Internet copy? Do you zero in on spelling mistakes and grammatical errors every time you flip the pages of a magazine or scan the newspaper? If this sounds like you, then you may want to look into starting a business that concentrates on proofreading or editing.

In an attempt to entice visitors and search engines, crafty website owners and bloggers will fill their sites with helpful material, detailed articles, and other content. They may write the words on their own, hire someone else to do it (ghostwriter), or buy articles through a private label rights service.

If they are writing their own content or relying on a ghostwriter, then the articles may not have the best proofreading or editing before they are published. It is not uncommon to see even the best of writers make a few errors in grammar. It is also known that many private labels rights services that provide inexpensive articles make it a practice to hire writers that do not speak English as their first language. Often, these articles are poorly written and need a lot of editing.

This is why proofreaders and editors are an asset to website owners and bloggers. As an increasing amount of people is conducting business on the Internet, there are many more websites being created. This means more jobs for proofreaders and editors, which provides a lot of possibilities for people who have an interest in this type of work.

Whoever is thinking about becoming a proofreader or editor should possess a love for reading, as this is one of the main things you will be doing. It is also helpful for proofreaders and editors to command a decent understanding of language and vocabulary. Additionally, learning the special symbols that proofreaders use is also a must. Today, you can locate entry-level jobs that do not require as much experience, which can serve as the perfect training opportunity to enhance your skills.

When preparing to create an office set-up in your home, you will need a computer and high speed Internet access. This will help in sending files back and forth to clients, which can become a slow process when dealing with dial-up Internet. Good word processing software is also required (like Microsoft Word). Familiarizing yourself with a plain text editor (like Wordpad or Notepad) is also suggested. Usually, one of these programs come with your PC. If you are unfamiliar with it, simply click the Start button, followed by "Accessories," and then select the one you see listed.

When seeking an online proofreading job, there are many different ways to go about it. Some people browse telecommuting job boards, as well as conventional online job boards like monster.com. In regards to freelance writing, there are numerous sites set up just for the purpose of helping people find jobs in this field. Plenty of job leads are available and quite easy to find. Another method includes working with an online staffing agency. Some have also been successful in directly contacting websites that publish a lot of content in order to market their services.

Today, a career in proofreading and editing is a great move for those who love words and are interested in working from the comforts of their own home.
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