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Business Ideas for the Internet: Medical Transcriptionist

Oct 12, 2007
The process that deals with transcribing (or typing) any audio information associated with doctor notations or other medical data is called medical transcription. At some appointments in the doctor's office, you may have noticed that he or she will speak into a small voice recorder regarding some of your symptoms, the diagnosis, and what kind of suggestions they will make about your medical care. A medical transcriptionist will later listen to these recordings (audio files) and create a report that is then slipped into your medical records folder.

Over the years, doctors have moved away from hiring a medical transcriptionist (also referred to as an MT) who resided in the area and are now seeking assistance from all over the world. In the past, the doctor would assign work for the week and the MT would come onsite; pick up the information stored on mini-cassette tapes; and come back at a later date to deliver the completed documents.

Since the start of more advanced technologies (like digital recorders), doctors are more partial to hiring a medical transcriptionist that could come from any part of the world. Today, digital audio files are not uploaded onto the Internet and the medical transcriptionist is able to type the reports onto the computer and electronically send them back to the doctor's office.

In order to enter the field of medical transcription, it is important to expand upon an interest in medical terminology and complete a medical transcription course offered by the local college. There are also ways to complete this requirement on the Internet. The course will teach many different things, but will mainly focus on medical terminology, as this is very important in regards to gaining an understanding of what a doctor will say.

A decent medical transcriptionist needs to be fast and accurate when typing. When it comes to pay, they are paid per line or sometimes by the hour. If you land a job where you are paid by line, then the more you type
the more money you will earn. It is also necessary to possess the capacity to sit for long amounts of time, as this is a requirement for the job.

Joining these skill requirements, you will also need a computer that is hooked up to high speed internet access. This is because you will receive a lot of audio files that can be quite large in size. If you are only working with a dial-up connection, then it could take awhile before all of the files are downloaded onto your computer. Depending on whom you work under, you may also need to download software onto your PC, which makes typing reports much easier. Many medical transcriptionists also take advantage of software that slows down the audio files you are listening to, which assists in having a better understanding of what the doctor is saying.

Typically, numerous doctors will outsource their transcription to other agencies that are professionals in locating medical transcriptionists that do work from their home. You can find these companies by doing a search on the Internet. Another approach is to locate doctors in your area and make your services known.

As for the pay rate, this will vary in regards to who you are working for and how much previous experience you have in the field. If you are brand new to the services, then you can expect to make between $10 and $12 per hour. Once you have about a year or two of experience under your belt, you can earn up to $19 or more on an hourly basis.
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