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The Real Heros Behind Crime Scene Investigation

Oct 12, 2007
My guess is you watch the television series "CSI." Apparently the majority of America does, because it's still referred to as the most watched show on television. We have a definite fascination with crime and the criminal mind.

I suppose we just want to understand why some people do the things they do. Well, now we get the privilege of watching how the process all unfolds through the eyes of a crime scene investigator. Okay, granted the show is fiction, but it's still art imitating life on some level. Not to mention it's so popular that there have since been several spin-offs. We just can't get enough of the criminal justice process.

I can't even begin to imagine how many people want to become a crime scene investigator now days. Gee, I wonder why this is. Could it possibly be related to Gil Grissom or Nick Stokes? Naa, after all those are just characters in a television series. No one could possibly believe that becoming a crime scene investigator in real life would be like having such a position on a television show.

Or could they? Well of course they do. The general public get ideas all the time. Careers and job fields are glorified on television and film. People view them long enough and start to believe that they know what the job would be like. Sadly they're mistaken. Any job position or field of work can be glorified on the big screen. Heck, they can make you believe that a janitor is the coolest job known to man. It's all in how they present it to you. Unfortunately being a crime scene investigator in real life is not like it is on television. Not everyone is going to be attractive or dressed suave and classy.

Examining the evidence is not going to be in some club-like atmosphere with crazy lighting and fancy windows. And most importantly, the criminals are not caught as easily as they are in television shows and films. While a crime scene investigator does have access to wonderful toys and gadgets, you can bet Hollywood takes it to a new extreme. Gil Grissom would pull a fingerprint off of a hair follicle that's been underwater for 20 years.

It's imperative to do some background work before assuming you know what it's like to be a crime scene investigator. Find out what the real pros go through and what sort of education is required. You may be surprised to discover that the field is quite competitive.
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