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How To Get Quality Back Links To Your Website

Oct 12, 2007
Today we will discuss how to get quality back links to your website. Back links are links to your website from other websites. Quality back links are links that are placed on websites that are relevant to your websites content.

For example: if you have a website that sells internet marketing services, you want to find websites that have the same type of content on their websites to place your website link on. Sites like internet marketing services, web design services, email marketing services, pay per click services, and affiliate marketing services will have content that Google, Yahoo, MSN, and the other major search engines see a relevant to your sites content.

Back links are important and count as votes of website quality. It use to be that quantity was more important than quality. But now quality is the key factor. It is better to have 10 quality back links that are targeted to your industry than 1,000 back links to uncommon topics.

It is better to get your back link placed on the first or second page of a website than hundreds of pages in. Make sure that you can get to the page your link is going to be on from the home page of the website. If you can't get there, than the search engines probably can't get there.

There are 2 types of back link placement, free and paid placement. Free placement can be done several different ways. You can submit your website to directories under the category of your website. Many will request that you place a reciprocal link on your site for the free placement of your link on theirs. Write articles about your expertise in the industry in which you have knowledge. This article is targeting internet marketing and back links. The link at the bottom of this article along with the article content will be placed on sites that need quality content on their websites. Most article directories are free to submit to. You can do research to find sites that are relevant to yours and write an email explaining the benefits of exchanging links with them It's a lot of work but can be beneficial if you can get some decent link exchanges.

When you don't have a lot of time to do manual link placement work, you may choose to look at purchasing text links for your site. If you plan on doing this you will want to do your research on the sites history using Alexa, Google, and other free website tools.

Many websites want to charge a monthly fee for this. Make an offer; don't settle for what they are asking for. If they want to place you on one page or every page of the website, that can change the cost and value of the link. See if you can get a deal for the entire year, it may be much cheaper than paying for the link each month. The benefit of getting on every page is that you may get more than back link credit; many times you will get extra traffic from the site itself.

Using the right information in the back link is very important. You want to use the description you're using to place in the search engines with. When the search engines crawl the back link, they will come to your site and see that the information matches up and will give your site more relevance in the engines.

Remember that building quality back links takes time. You must continue to build back links to your site if you want to make it to first place in the engines.
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