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How To Find a Pay Per Click Company

Oct 12, 2007
When it comes to monetizing your website, pay per click advertising can be very lucrative and requires the least amount of effort which is seen as a major benefit to the user. This enables people to add these advertisements to a handful of websites generating decent amounts of traffic and making money on a monthly basis for doing absolutely nothing. This may seem like a dream job, simply make websites and get them popular making money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but it can be tricky and challenging to find the right niche and do well in it.

There are many pay per click companies that offer these advertisements and they each have their advantages over each other. A popular one is Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN), the problem with YPN is that not every one is eligible to use them. They are still in the beta stage making them only available to residents of the USA, there is no target date of this going international which is keeping everyone on the edge of their seats until that day comes.

Up at the top with YPN is Google Adsense, the main benefit of this company is that everyone is able to sign up and freely use them as a source of revenue. The downside to Adsense is that everyone is only allowed one account, if you break their terms and conditions and get banned your sites will be blacklisted and will be unable to show Google ads which may make it hard to sell in future. You have to always read their TOS to make sure you're not liable to an investigation which could lead to a permanent ban. If in the unfortunate event you do get banned, don't think you can trick them and make a new account with different details as you will just find out that when you reach the $100 payout threshold they will terminate your account for being linked to a previously banned account and return any money to the rightful owners (adwords customers). This means you will have wasted a lot of time and effort and have got nothing to show for it.

If your not eligible for YPN and have been banned from Adsense there still are options in which you can take in order to monetize your website. The smaller ppc (pay per click) companies can also provide a reliable profitable service, you just have to find the right one. The main downside to the smaller companies is that the advertisements tend to be less relative which can lead to a lower click through ratio.

A popular ppc company I can recommend is called BidVertiser, I have tried many different companies to find out which is the best and I found these to be most like Google Adsense, even down to the user interface. It's clearly set out and you can generate the code with the click of a button. The main benefit of BidVertiser is that they pay on a monthly basis via paypal whereas the bigger companies either pay you by cheque or bank transfer. This means you don't have to divulge any sensitive data to anyone and can still benefit from a fast secure payment. The payment threshold with this company is only $10 per month which can easily be achieved even with the smaller sites.

Another common company is chitika as they offer an advance API which means you can integrate your own ppc search engine into your website which you get paid if someone uses which adds another method of revenue. These ads are fairly relevant to your sites content which will produce a higher click through ratio compared to some of the lower ppc companies and they offer a great payout per click.

When you are looking for a ppc company to work with always check their payment threshold before you integrate any code into your website to make sure it's a reasonable achievable amount. Also check how relative the advertisements are as people will not want to click ads for video games on a home and garden website. Finally check the reputation of the company to make sure it's positive to avoid any confusion when payment is concerned.
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