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Should You Invest in Existing E-Learning Platforms and Support?

Oct 12, 2007
E-learning is a lucrative business. It reaches out to more people and provides more ways for people in a single class to learn new things, than traditional classroom education does. If you have something to teach, and you are sure that you can provide the right venue for e-learning it might be time to invest in e-learning platforms and support.

After that, the question becomes how far do you want to take your e-learning business. Do you want to build a brand new web application just for it, or do you want to use existing e-learning platforms and support to further your business interests? Make no mistake, purchasing existing e-learning software is by far considered the more cost-effective option, unless you have gotten in touch with at least one skilled programmer who can help build and maintain a program from scratch, for close to nothing. This is very seldom what happens, as e-learning software take a lot of time and money to develop. Software companies large and small consider it an investment to hire good programmers to make a secure and marketable online application.

E-learning platforms operate on electronic payment processing technology, which allows students to pay for their classes via the Internet. This is a highly convenient measure that also adds to the credibility of an e-learning institution, which is why it comes built into many e-learning platforms. However, the payment modes you will want to offer will also depend on the kinds of classes you wish to conduct. Will monthly payment be most efficient for the teaching model that you have devised? Or will a one-time semestral payment be more practical for the student?

Taking advantage of existing platforms and support systems will help you worry less about whether or not the software you have purchased is secure enough, and whether or not it is working as it should. You may also need help as you explore the potentials of your new e-learning engine, much like you need help test-driving a high-tech new car, and having reliable support technicians at the ready would be good for your peace of mind.

Of course, you cannot rely on the programmers and the technicians to build the content of your e-learning project for you. You purchase well-documented e-learning software in order to save yourself the trouble of mapping out the software interface (how your students will be able to smoothly navigate through the lessons in a timely and efficient manner) - this is not an investment that solves itself! You constantly have to be on top of the situation, in case some concerns regarding the curriculum or student performance crop up.

There are some questions that programmers and support technicians cannot answer, after all. As the owner and manager of an e-learning platform, you have to stay vigilant in order to ensure that problems are minimized. But if you're after a cost-efficient means of running an e-learning business, purchasing existing e-platforms and support services is definitely something you should look into.
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