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The Shoddy Wholesale List Myth: Revealed!

Oct 12, 2007
Perhaps wholesale list e-myth schlock revisited, could become another appropriate wholesale business title for describing the current non-stop penetrating myth bonanza in our fascinating e-commerce industry. In a way, it is appropriate for many of us to keep glued at those outrageous claims made by other apparent market successes.

Their message is sticking in quite a few of my Puerto Rican friends and other business enthusiastic that follow along. Let us get to read some of these points correctly, in a form of personal opinion for the need of maintaining our right of learning by either personal mistakes or, well, myths that need some pampering for the good!

The still alive wholesale business myth skepticism- I do not have much money to invest in any particular business product right now, what would you recommend? While quite a few might tell you to come back when you find something that you feel passionate about and then arrive back and they shall teach you to sell it, it is not enough. This living legend answer needs to be extended quite a bit more.

Reality being, you can have passion for a certain business but if the business brings no profit that you can count on, why should you bother feeding it more? Myth being, that you should follow a passionate business and the glory shall come! No, an appropriate plan should be: follow a passion, grow your strength a bit more in the most important aspects, offer it, test and test, results and conclude if the project is worth it when the proper analysis and final steps are performed.

Another big one- I really do not have any time or money to build a business, I already have a family, full time job and a wife to entertain! What irritates me most is that I hear this from my buddies, my friends, the guys I usually drink coladas from time to time, problem being they later ask me in a humble way how you do this and that! While Richie Rich is not my name, you guys should also know quite a few things!

If pay check to pay check funds are being spent on mortgage, kids, cars, utility bills among others. You can go to an Internet marketing forum, study the vibe for a few weeks. Read a few posts and finally when you are almost sure, you can ask someone to build you an e-commerce shop and maintain it for you for a royalty fee and just in case, you get that site and pay as example 10-15% of all future business net profits.

Having it better, you can negotiate time frame in months or find a partner so you guys can both leverage your timing, and then perhaps your spouse, and kids do not go bazooka on you. Then upgrading your knowledge about such business by the numerous ways already available should be appropriate. Makes a bit of more sense?

If it does not make sense yet and you really want to have an additional stream of income for improving your lifestyle, may it be possible and likely that the people that surround you and really care about you would want you to improve but may be a bit frighten from stepping way beyond their natural comfort zones? I know something is for sure, most of them will not understand if you ask- why would they? Key here is getting educated and having a minimum vision of what you want to do and stepping that action plan so you can see the light a bit more!

While it might sound sweet, why not care a bit more about your present, future and what you really want. Be it wholesale, Google Adsense, social networks or among others- choose one and do not whine! We are swamped with work all day, but why does that couch gets lowered once every sit and every weekend has to be about beer?

Then a very respectful question from a gentlemen- buying from US distributors and turning a profit from resell is totally impossible, I want to buy in bulk. It is totally a myth saying impossible on eBay or in a website. While sites like eBay have lots of competition, do know that eBay has plenty of distributors and suppliers selling high priced items in clearance and in brand new conditions. Why step foot in fire when the water is cooler in other popular merchandise? And even then, such distributors are taking advantage of instant traffic- most of them do not own their personal sites for marketing them.

Another reality being, wholesale list do work. You just need to really research, do your homework and skip the nighttime yogurt for finding such wholesale business positive conclusion for quite a few markets.
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