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What to Expect From Microsoft Project 2003 Training

Oct 12, 2007
Enrolling in a MS Project 2003 training course gives you the skills you need to increase your organization's efficiency, reduce wasted time and money, and give you the edge in today's competitive business market.

Does that sound like a bold statement? Let's look at what you get from instructor-led MS Project 2003 training courses.

Project? What's that?
Although Microsoft Office applications are well known around the globe, arguably their least known product is Project. Just what is this and how can it help you?

Microsoft Project is a project management application that helps your business set up a plan, ensure every task gets the resource it needs, and monitor progress so that you know your project is on track.

Whether you are a small one-person operation or a large corporation, MS Project 2003 training will benefit your business and your bottom line. Efficient management of resources including time and personnel lets you get more done with less. Less time is wasted as employees try to coordinate their schedules among themselves. Better planning allows your business to take the guesswork out of budgeting that can leave one project strapped for cash while others seem to have too many resources to use.

OK, so I'll just poke around and figure it out
Microsoft products have a history of comprehensive on-line help files that help a user troubleshoot problems or learn about new features of the software. This dedication to good documentation has always been a hallmark of Microsoft products.

The problem with self-instruction in a new software application is that you often don't even know the right questions to ask. Project is a powerful application with features that you might not realize are in there.

Microsoft Project 2003 training gives you access to Microsoft certified instructors who know every feature of the software in depth. Instructors have more than just classroom familiarity. They all have directly relevant experience with the software, giving that extra edge in knowledge that only hands-on experience can provide.

Fine, I'll buy a book then
Books or an online video courses are incredible resources, but they just don't provide the level of customization that instructor led MS Project 2003 training can. A structured MS Project course with certified instructors can show you exactly how Project can solve your problems, and give you the confidence to deal with your day-to-day business operations in Microsoft Project.

Many training facilities can take the concept even further with tailored Microsoft Project 2003 training, given on-site at your place of business, customized to your specific organization and business field. Rather than taking some generic course that might focus on aspects of the software you'll never use, you'll have a unique training experience created just for you.
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