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Site Rubix Site Builder: 12 Good Reasons Why You Can Have A Professional Website In Minutes

Oct 12, 2007
Can Site Rubix Site Builder help you finally create a web presence?

Today when someone asks you for your business card, they almost expect to see a URL under your name, address, and contact information. It's become the professional way of doing business, of showing your marketing is up to speed in a changing world.

Yet while its a definite business asset to have a website that clearly explains how your business can benefit your prospect, it's the kiss of death for your URL to lead them to a cheesy, amateurish website, with gaudy colors, hard-to-read text, vague navigation clues, and unbalanced frames that skewer the page. Rather than portraying your business as a worthy establishment, it will frighten away your prospect, regardless of how wonderful your product or service may actually be.

If you don't have your own business yet, you may be sitting at home, surfing the internet and reading stories of how people are making a small fortune from their websites.

Either way, whether you desire to boost the income of your offline business or create an online business where you can work from home, a professional-looking website is essential for success.

However, its not easy to put up a professional looking website. You can always hire a designer if you're an established business with a good margin of profits, but this can be a challenge if your business is just starting out and your funds are low.
Another answer, of course, is that you can learn how to be a web geek, and learn either HTML or how to use HTML editors.

Site Rubix Site Builder was developed by two Canadian entrepreneurs over a year at the cost of $100, 000 to solve the problem of developing a professional-looking website when you're low on skills and cash.

Using this website builder, now anyone can build a professional looking website.

Here are 12 good reasons why Site Rubix may be your best answer:

1. You can build a professional looking website in less than 5 minutes

2. You can build a site with absolutely no HTML skills

3. You can drag & drop your site to look how you want it

4. You can pump out huge campaigns in a fraction of the time it would have taken through a traditional website builder

5. You can send your website files to your web host right within Site Rubix. This means you can instantly make your websites Go Live without having to download FTP programs or other software.

6. You can focus your attention on marketing and building your business rather than trudging through the process of learning HTML code

7. You can get paid to develop professional looking websites for other people

8. You can duplicate existing pages and full sites with a click of the button

9. You can add video, images, instant screenshots, or content in seconds

10. You can customize your site in terms of banners and images and let the system worry about resizing, rendering, and making things look great!

11. You can upload your own images and banners so that you can reuse them on many different sites. Site Rubix allows you to view, organize and manage your media in a very well laid out interface.. and it looks great too!

12. You can Goodbye Photoshop, Snagit, and other screenshot programs. Site Rubix allows you to instantly grab a screenshot of any website with the click of a button in less than a second, add it to your media page, and use the screenshot over and over again!
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Saleem Rana would love to share his inspiring ideas. Site Rubix Site Builder will be released on October 9, 2007. You can stay updated here: http://site-rubix-check.blogspot.com
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