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Secrets To Being Successful Online

Oct 12, 2007
Building an Internet marketing business is not as easy as others might think or as some people lead you to believe. It is more than just simply connecting your personal computer to the Internet and start earning income through your Internet marketing business. It is most important that you have a plan about how your online business is going to look. In other words, it is vital that you have done your research first before taking the plunge of getting into Internet marketing. Many people soon become disheartened with their online business because they have failed to do the initial research and simply give up.

One of the most successful Internet marketeers is the late Corey Rudl. Starting from his parents humble basement area he created 4 highly-successful businesses and became one of the most famous names in Internet marketing. With the help of over 60,000 affiliates, these four Internet-based businesses are generating an average of $6.6 million worth of sales per year. His websites attract over 1.8 million visitors every month.

That is right... 1.8 million visitors every month!

So, you ask 'How did he do that' That is the question everyone should be asking. Whatever 'magic' he used on his businesses, it definitely helped him tremendously in establishing an Internet marketing empire. Just like Corey, and any other successful Internet marketeer, he will give you the same single piece of advice when trying to start up in the world of Internet marketing...

'Find the best training program available and apply everything you learn from it.' Many people don't take action which is the main reason why they fail. Actually applying what you have learnt is the vital ingredient to your success.

Many Internet marketeers who are just trying to start their online business follow the right path and enrol in an Internet marketing training program prior to getting started. From these training programmes, various internet marketeers have said that they learn more about how to set up a business online than they thought possible: the exact steps to take from identifying a market to setting up their website and the marketing strategies needed to be successful online.

There are thousands of training programmes available both on and off line. It is a good business decision to undertake one of these programmes prior to stepping out into a new field. Of course the difficult part is which one to choose. Which is best for me and my business? In order to help you wade through the myriad of courses available; here is a guide as to what some of the better courses will include within their training modules.

1. Basics of Internet marketing - Definition of the Internet, basic concepts and useful terminology. It should also discuss some of the mindset philosophies on how to be successful online.

2. Identifying target markets - Where to research? What to look for? Who is it you are trying to market to? What are their fears and frustrations? Understanding your market is the key to your success.

3. How to create a product - There are many different ways to create a product. A good training program will go through these in detail in order for you to create a suitable product for the identified market.

4. Creating your sales message - The words on your website are your sales people. A good training course will provide you with the secrets to writing powerful sales messages.

5. Setting up your website - How to get a domain name? Where to host your site? Everything else you may need to set up your website. It is important to remember that your website is your storefront where you will sell your products and services. Therefore it must be designed appropriately to generate sales.

6. Getting traffic - without anyone visiting your website you will not be very successful. A good training program will show you how to generate targeted traffic to your website through various traffic generating strategies such as blogging, press releases, classified ads and others.

7. The power of email - How by using the power of email you can generate more sales automatically through an autoresponder. Quite often it takes someone 5 or more visits before they make a purchase so it is vital that you keep bringing your prospect back to your site.

8. Affiliates - how by leveraging off others you can generate more income than you ever can alone. A good training program will show you how to implement an affiliate program into your online business.

Remember the most important investment you can make is in yourself. A good training course together with powerful self motivation will reap the rewards. It is important to note, that to be successful online, you will need the knowledge, skills and mindset without which it becomes more difficult to succeed.
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Mark Ashbridge is an Online Marketing and Life Coach specializing in helping people to achieve their life goals and generating cash through their online business. Find out how you can generate cash online by visiting Dollars-On-Demand.com
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