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Direct Revenue Streams With Podcasts

Oct 12, 2007
There are a few different ways you can create an additional revenue stream with podcasts including:

Creating lecture style podcasts that students pay for.
As an entrepreneur you will have an area of expertise that people will pay to listen to, perhaps it can be sold as an alternative to your higher priced ticket offline seminar.

You can make a one off charge for a number of podcasts or charge a fee for each individual one. You may even decide to create ongoing residual income by offering a weekly subscription.

This is a great method for Coaches, motivational speakers, psychologists, internet marketers and other people who are able to provide hints, advice, techniques, and how to type valuable information.

Use old radio formats and re-create them for todays market

Radio shows that told stories, involved comedy shows, had husband and wife type banter, provided serious political debates. All these type of old radio formats can be used now as podcasts.

A podcast that contains more than one host provides entertainment for the listener so consider creating conversational type podcasts on a relevant topic for that week or month that your subscribers will pay to download.

Access to business people or well known public figures
If you are able to gain access to well known business professionals and provide a weekly podcast that interviews them, or an informal chat session this can create a great monthly subscription for you that you can turn into a membership site.

All you do is provide your members with access to the professional or celebrity talk show style podcast that you have created.

These are great ways for entrepreneurs in business to develop a fairly inexpensive way to market their products/services and benefit from an ongoing residual income stream.

Those are just some of the ways that an entrepreneur in business can use to support your marketing activities and generate an ongoing income from podcasts.

Podcasts have become a big hit with some of the major players like the BBC and CNN because they realize the potential in allowing their listeners to be able to gain access to news items long after the item was featured on the television.

People now dictate when they will watch the news and other television shows as it all becomes easier to download them from the internet and watch at our leisure.

If it wasn't a worthwhile investment then these large corporations would not waste their time with it so take that as hint of things to come. The market is growing and becoming larger.

The possibilities with podcasts, and rss feeds have changed the way our information is delivered to us.

If you are not creating podcasts right now you seriously need to consider changing that because you are missing out on a fabulous marketing tool whether you choose to monetize them or not.

At the very least they result in subscribers to your newsletter who get to know you through your voice and the more people know, like and trust you the more chance of them becoming a life long customer.
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