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What Happens When Your Brand Yourself On The Internet?

Oct 12, 2007
It is the same thing that happens when you brand yourself. When you learn something thoroughly, I do not care what it is, anything that anyone else does not know, you are an expert at it. We have a book in our top members area on squidoo.com. Squidoo came out last summer. We found it on the search engines because someone else was using it in their marketing, it just came out recently. We began to look at it and try to figure out how we could use it to generate traffic. When you know how to market you can pick up and find anything that you can use that can potentially generate traffic for you and that way you can apply it to your marketing methods.

So we picked up squidoo and tested a few things, tweaked it to our system and all of a sudden at that time it had about thirty-seven thousand lenses on it. Lenses is what squidoo uses, kind of like how blogger uses blogs, squidoo uses lenses. And in about a month or so we were in the top one hundred with three different lenses of thirty-seven thousand other users and lenses on squidoo.com. We were using this traffic from squidoo through the search engines, because we found out that google loves squidoo, so we started implementing things and we found out that you could make thousands of dollars a month using affiliate programs, marketing different things.

That is just an example. We have videos and books on how to use it, how to get yourself in the top one hundred, how to use it to generate as much traffic as you want for free. The great thing is a lot of these traffic methods that you use to generate sales in your business are free, you do not have to pay a dime for it. But there are two things in marketing. When you are going to market and find a method to use to generate traffic, you are going to do two things. One, you are either going to exchange your time, which is a free method in order to get something for free you have got to exchange your time to set things up and do things. Or, you pay money and it does not take a lot of your time.

Like for instance, pay per click. If I developed a campaign for pay per click, I would develop an ad and put the keywords in there, I would set it up and once I tweak it to where I want it, like we show you on the pay per click videos to where it runs properly, I do not spend much time doing it. That campaign will run by itself. I might check it once a week just to make sure my ad might not have fallen down, just to keep it in the prime position that I want it in, but it runs by itself. Whereas if I were writing an article, which is a free method, if I am doing the article method, I am going to, especially initially when I am using it for a marketing tactic for a product or a service that I am marketing, or a home based business, or mlm, I am going to write one to three articles a day, probably three.

An article should only take you maybe fifteen or twenty minutes to write. And it will take you less than five minutes to use the tactics that we have in our members area in the marketing videos for press releases and articles, but I am going to do that for like thirty days, probably sixty days. In thirty to sixty days my information on what I am marketing is all over the place. It just takes some of your time. Same thing with articles and press releases, you know how to do what I just told you there, you use it, you test it, you mold it to yourself, if it works for you and you are making sales from it, you can become the article king or queen, whatever you want to call yourself, we come back to the branding again.
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