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Direct TV Internet: Finding the Best Deals Online

Oct 12, 2007
Are you still using dial-up for your Internet access? No way! Aren't you tired of waiting for it to connect, waiting for it to download what you need, waiting for it to upload your messages? Aren't you tired of just waiting, waiting, waiting? I was, so I made the switch to high-speed Internet service and boy am I glad I did!

With Direct TV Internet the waiting is gone. Now, I can download new software in just 7 short minutes (compared to a whopping 47 minutes using my old dial-up service), a video clip in three minutes, and a song in only two seconds! Yes, I said 2 seconds!

But, that's not all. With high-speed satellite service I have instant access to the Internet any time of the day or night, no matter what the weather or anything else that might be happening in the world around me. I certainly couldn't say that about my old service.

In just seconds I can be chatting with a friend from across town or across the world, researching a term paper for school, downloading the latest music or my favorite television show that I missed, and more. Plus, I no longer have to worry about missing an important phone call. With my new satellite service, my phone line remains clear, no matter how long I'm on the computer!

Unlike DSL or cable service, Direct TV Internet uses their satellite system to connect users, thereby eliminating any disruptions due to fallen wires or broken and disturbed fiber optic cables. Whether it's a local fire, downed tree, overturned utility pole or even a bad storm, my Internet service is always there, ready to get me where I need to be.

Now, you may be asking if high-speed Internet service through Direct TV is available to anyone. Sure. Just about anyone in the continental United Sates, with clear access to the southern sky, can take advantage of the Direct TV Internet service.

And when it comes to price, there's no beating what Direct TV offers. With literally dozens of special offers and rebates available all of the time, most people can find a package that best suits their needs at a price that doesn't bust their budget. In many cases, satellite service may cost the same or even less than other comparable services in their area. And, when you combine your Internet service with your TV satellite system you can save even more. Now, that's a deal!

I can't say I was looking forward to the change. But, I've been pleasantly surprised at both the quality and options of service Direct TV Internet offers me. And, who can beat their reliability? I certainly haven't found another provider that even comes close! Hope that helps you make a decision.
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