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Can You Make Money From PPC Advertising?

Oct 12, 2007
Pay per click advertising or PPC advertising is a marketing model used on advertising networks, websites and blogs, and search engineers. A type search engine marketing technique, this method entails the advertiser paying only on the instance a user clicks on his ad to visit his particular website. Advertisers involved in this type of marketing place bids on keywords and keyword phrases that they believe are most likely to be used by their target demographic when looking for products and services online.

Whenever a potential customer uses keywords that correspond to the advertiser's keyword list, or views websites and pages that contain information relevant to the keyword list, the advertiser's text ad may be shown on that page. These text ads are commonly known as sponsored links or sponsored ads and usually appear beside or above the basic results returned by search engines, or on areas a website owner chooses for it to be displayed on his page. Pay per click text ads may also be placed on content network sites, wherein networks that provide ppc advertising such as Google Adsense and Yahoo! Publisher Network provide ads relevant to the content of the page - no search function is involved in these pages.

PPC advertising is a simple and innovative form of advertising, providing advertisers more control over their ad campaigns and letting them receive improved feedback on the campaign's performance. With the increasing significance of online marketing, PPC advertising has become a vital avenue for advertisers to use and master. It is also a good way to create a targeted campaign as PPC advertising allows advertisers to focus only on a specific market in generating sales leads.

Three of the largest operators in pay per click advertising are Google Adwords, MSN adCenter, and Yahoo! Search Marketing. The minimum prices for each bid varies depending on the search engine, but prices generally start at about US$0.0.1. The popularity of the keyword phrase or search term can also affect the minimum price. With this information, it is important that any large campaign be well planned and managed since you stand the chance of losing thousands of dollars if the campaign does not go as planned.

For your ppc campaigns to be effective, you will need to create a keyword strategy and study visitor analytics, you will also need to filter out the unproductive keyword phrases and improve on those that perform well. To maximize the performance of your ad campaigns, bid on the right keywords, write persuasive marketing copy, and have a well created page to click to. Better yet, have an SEO professional create a customized PPC advertising campaign just for you.
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