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Perfect Venue - The Key To A Successful Event

Oct 12, 2007
Familiarity can breed boredom. Fortunately with thousands of venues across the country there settle for the mediocre. With a little forethought and the help of this article you will be able to host a truly memorable event.

1) Plan ahead
The first step is to plan well in advance of your event. The best venues can be very busy at peak times of the year so for peace of mind you need to book early. However if you have left it late do not despair. It is more important to know exactly what you are looking for because this will help you narrow the choices and find the perfect venue. With such an enormous variety of venues in the country - perfect is out there.

2) What kind of event are you hosting?
The type of event you are hosting will completely affect your choice of venue. It goes without saying that full scale awards ceremonies require a different venue to intimate business meetings. Know what the event is and what you hope to achieve from it. Dinner Dances, AGM's, Product Launches, Company Fun Days, Large Exhibitions, Small Exhibitions and Christmas Parties all need to be treated differently. Don't take your staff to the same place each time!

3) What do you want to achieve from your event?
Be honest with yourself about your aims for the event. If you want a basic functional venue that will simply suit your needs then opt for that. If however you want to wow your delegates with an ostentatious display of wealth then it is important you pick your venue accordingly.

4) Know the size of your gathering
The number of people you expect to attend is very important. You will not want to book out the main hall at the London Aquarium if you are only expecting a few. Conversely you do not want to pick a venue that is too small for your delegation. Many venues have flexible capacities so if you expect your numbers to fluctuate then explain this to the venue managers. Some venues even have moveable walls to accommodate the right numbers of people.

5) Location - Parking and accessibility
Access to your venue is crucial. Is it easy to find, or well sign-posted? Is there a railway station nearby? Are there sufficient car parking arrangements? Are you near the Airport? Know your delegates because it is no good having a beautiful country venue if none of your delegates drive and the nearest railway station is miles away.

6) Budget
Does the meeting venue fit your budget? As with everything your choice will ultimately boil down to cost. Be aware of any extras that need to be considered e.g. data projectors, AV equipment and lighting and find out when payment will be required. Ask about the rates on offer. Many venues offer 24 hour rates, Dinner, Bed & Breakfast rates and Day Delegate rates. This could considerably reduce your bill. It is also important to find out about the venue cancellation policy in advance just in case you are forced to withdraw.

7) Personality of venue
The personality of your venue is difficult to quantify nevertheless it is important. Try asking the following questions: Does the venue have air conditioning? Is there natural daylight in the venue? Is the restaurant/bar what you're after? Are refreshments provided? Remember it's important that you choose what's right for your delegation.

8) Check for yourself
If you can; visit the venue in advance. Speak to the staff, check out bar prices and get a feel for the place. Do not despair if you do not have the time or inclination to do this yourself there are many companies that specialise in finding the perfect venue for you.
About the Author
Shaun Parker is an expert venue finder making it easier for your to find the best location for your event. For more information visit The Venue Team.
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