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Autoresponders - The Power Of Instance Access

Oct 12, 2007
In most traditional businesses you will likely find a receptionist who can either answer business specific questions or can route customers to the appropriate department for assistance. In more automated offices a voice mail system can alleviate much of the guesswork in locating the right department (although the process can seem a bit impersonal).

Some of the larger email companies also have manned phone lines, but for many ecommerce business owners the cost of hiring a staff to man the telephones may make a business startup next to impossible.

It is for this situation that autoresponders are particularly useful. Many businesses already use autoresponders to provide a key element in customer service - an acknowledgement that there is an issue to be resolved. This is followed up by a more personalized email or phone call to address the issue.

Auto responders are also useful for the delivery of newsletters or an ecourse.

One area that may not be as prominent, yet can be a very effective means of utilizing an autoresponder, is in information supply.

How does this differ from an ecourse?

An ecourse is a pre-developed series of information pieces that help the customer learn more about the product or service you provide. An information supply in the form of an autoresponder can allow customers to click on specific questions related to site use or other informational needs related to your site and receive the information they need within minutes.

It's true that you could put a link to this information on your website, but an autoresponder for some of this information may result in an increased organic list for email marketing. However, The primary reason for using extended autoresponders has to do with the ability for this process to result in improved customer service efforts.

If you can find ways to assist your customers instantly you will see customers view your online business in a more positive light.

I don't know about you, but when I send a company an email seeking answers I can't find online and I hear back from them a few days later I have already forgotten what I wanted and I've probably ventured on to other sites to purchase something I probably could have purchased on the original site if only I had received the information I needed in a timely manner.

Autoresponders can be used for a variety of purposes and it is likely your customers will enjoy the benefits of instant information access.
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