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Optional An Effective US Mortgage Reduction Program

Oct 12, 2007
A greater part of homeowners in America have their houses on a mortgage. It is very hard to find someone whose house is not owned by a lender. In such a scenario, it is no wonder that most American homeowners are finding out mortgage reduction strategies so that they can be debt-free as soon as possible. Mortgage payments are the largest monthly out goings of a most sizable amount of the American people, and that explains why there are so many mortgage reduction plans floating around. But, this actually makes the situation more difficult. Which is the best US mortgage reduction project to select from? (I call them US mortgage reduction plans because they are unique to the US. If you belong to other country, this article would not be fully applicable to you.) Well, here's a lowdown on some of them.

Most people are considering the US mortgage reduction plan of making fortnightly payments. This is the way where the total mortgage payment of a month is broken down and paid in two parts, every two weeks. That allows people to make smaller payments, which they find manageable, and at the same time, the principal they owe to the lender reduces faster. As a result, they have to pay lesser interest in the long run. Even the all tenure of their mortgage payment becomes less because the importance they owe reduces.

Let us now examine the pros and cons of making fortnightly payments. The pros are that the payments look deliciously little and easier to make. And of course, you pay less and for shorter time. But then you have to consider that the frequency of payments will increase. That would mean more trips to your bank, and better plan of resources, since you will requirement to have some balance each fortnight. For people on a menstrual salary, this could become a tad bit difficult. Then, you must also take into account that there are actually 52 weeks in a year, and that means 26 fortnights. That is the number of fortnightly payments you will have to make. A school-time calculation will tell you that you are making one full menstrual payment extra. Of course, this payment will go towards repaying your amount, but it will also put a dent on your annual finances.

Other US mortgage reduction method is mortgage cycling. This is actually the opposite of fortnightly payments. Instead of making two small payments a month, you are making two great payments in a year.

Now the pros and cons. The pros are that you get a most important reduction in the interest since you have prepaid your dues for six months. You build up equity on your home much faster than any other US mortgage reduction strategy, and close your mortgage faster. In fact, you become debt-free within ten years. But, of course you requirement to see whether you can make such big payments every half-year. That apart, mortgage cycling does have an edge over other US mortgage reduction strategies, biweekly repayment schemes included.
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