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How Does An Internet Business Compare With A Traditional Business

Oct 12, 2007
We are going to talk about the similarities and a few differences in an internet business and a business that is offline. We will focus on how they operate.

In the traditional brick an mortar business people would go to a store and make a purchase. With an internet marketing business they sell things online having a website where customers go to see what you are selling, and make their purchases online.

No matter what you sell there must be a need for your product and an interest in owning it. You can find something as easy as information, or it can be a portal store with all kinds of products like being at a mall. You just need a product or service that there is a need for and an interest in.

When processing an order and getting paid you need a good way to do that. You pay via cash or credit. There is always a button that says click here to pay. If you have bought from them before your information is stored. You can all ready have a PayPal account and you can buy things by having your PayPal account already set up. PayPal is owned by eBay and is the largest online payment processor.

Information type products are popular to sell online because there is no shipping and allow instant access to the buyer. Most online businesses sell products as an affiliate and the merchant does the shipping. Same thing with drop shipping where you sell and have it shipped.

The hardest thing to do for almost any kind of business is advertising and promoting. Maximizing your advertising budget promoting where you get the most bang for your buck can be tricky. Offline radio, direct mail, and newspapers may be the top forms of advertising. When you are online it would be email, ezines, search engines, pay per click, and articles.

Being in a offline business you have to pay rent somewhere and have a few employees to help with the business. One of the nice things about the internet marketing business is you need no employees and have low overhead to make a very good living. Would it be the right thing to say is you would be the boss you work for yourself.

Having a business of your own has it's advantages. Compared to an offline brick and mortar business an internet business offers many benefits that many people are starting to take advantage of.
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