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How to Create Your Affiliate Center

Oct 12, 2007
Developing, maintaining and constantly improving your affiliate center is crucial to your online success. This must become your TOP MARKETING PRIORITY and remain your TOP MARKETING PRIORITY for the duration of your business. Shifting your focus away from your affiliate center will ultimately result in lost sales and reduced profit.

The purpose of your affiliate center is to provide marketing materials to your sales force, teach them how to use the marketing materials and motivate them to take constant action. And an active affiliate team leads to a steady stream of FREE traffic for you.

The first thing you need to do is fill your center with marketing materials in the form of both advertisements and content. For advertisements, the minimum amount I recommend for each product is:

--Email sales copy for a sample BROADCAST message. The purpose of this message is to generate immediate traffic and immediate sales. Provide at least two sample messages to choose from along with multiple subject lines to use.

--Email sales copy for sample AUTORESPONDER messages. These messages will be included in your affiliates' autoresponder series to make their incoming sales evergreen. Instruct them to add at least TWO messages to their series to maximize the profit potential. Be sure to let them know that the second message often outperforms the first! Once again, provide several messages to choose from as well as multiple subject lines.

--Sample Google and Yahoo pay per click ads. Include a minimum of three such ads and good keywords to use for their PPC campaigns.

--Sample blog reviews. Your affiliates who maintain blogs are always in need of fresh content, so provide it to them here with a review of your product. Not only will they be able to update their blog in the easiest way possible (copy and paste), but they'll also be able to use the content you provide to make money.

--Sample email and forum signatures. Write a short signature file that allows your affiliates to drive traffic to you every time they send an email or post a comment in a forum.

--Other advertisements you may want to include are banners, buttongs, thank you pages, graphics and error pages.

For content, the minimum amount I recommend per product is:

--Sample ezine articles. Provide at least three or four articles for your affiliates to use. These articles should introduce their readers to your ideas and drive people to your site through their affiliate link.

--A special report. This report can be anywhere from 5 to 15 pages in PDF format. You want it to include enough of your expert information for the reader to find it beneficial but not so much information that the reader won't want more. To put it another way, it should be "useful, but incomplete."

--Additional content ideas include: eBbooks, interviews, videos, audios, cds, teleseminars, tips, mini-courses and surveys.

Keep in mind that all free content you provide should create a desire in the reader to want MORE. That's what marketing is all about: bringing the audience to desire your product.

The goal is to provide such great content that your readers are motivated to click on any links they come across while reading your articles, reports, ebooks, etc. That click then takes targeted traffic to your site. The likelihood of converting that traffic into buying customers increases dramatically as opposed to traffic arriving at your site from a simple ad.
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