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Seven Ways to Find Affiliates to Promote Your Products

Oct 12, 2007
Having an affiliate program is a great way to generate targeted traffic, but you have to know how to find affiliates to promote for you. Here are seven ways to do just that.

First, start by subscribing to lists in your niche. As you "plant" your name on these lists, pay special attention to the product launches and reviews. Note both the owners of the products and the people promoting them. These are your ideal affiliates, so contact them.

Another way to find ideal affiliates using this method is by studying the ads in the newsletters. Get in touch with the people running the ads and the people paying for the ads. Since you will be getting a lot of email, it's a good idea to subscribe with a secondary email address. That way your primary inbox isn't flooded with an overwhelming amount of messages.

Second, enroll in joint venture partner networks. Some of these networks are free while others require a fee to become a member, but all exist to connect partners in related fields. Once you join, you'll be able to post notices about your affiliate program. Other members then have the option to become your affiliates. You can find these networks by searching for "joint venture network" in Google.

Third, visit the Clickbank marketplace. Select categories related to your products to find out who is selling things similar to you. All of these people are potential affiliates.

Fourth, search ezine article directories. Look for related articles and take advantage of the resource box at the end of each article. The authors make it easy for you to find them by providing their contact information in that resource box. Use it to invite them to join your program.

Fifth, utilize blog directories to find active bloggers. Search for those who have blogs similar to your area of expertise and contact them about becoming an affiliate.

Sixth, frequent forums and note those who participate. Pay particular attention to posts that demonstrate a level of experience, knowledge or expertise. Those are the kinds of people you want promoting your products.

Seventh, make the most of Google. This search engine has an impressive database and is an excellent research tool for locating affiliates. To find potential affiliates with Google, try any or all of the following methods.

Conduct a keyword search and look for those advertising in the AdWords section on the right side of the page. These are serious marketers willing to pay money to advertise products, so these are the people you need to be in contact with about joining your program.

Conduct a keyword search and look for those with a high "organic" rank on the left side of the page. These are the marketers who understand search engine optimization, so you want these people on your team as well.

Conduct a specific search for your competitor's products. This shows you exactly which sites are promoting for your competition. Since they already have at least one product similar to yours, the chances are high that they'll want to add your products to their sites, too.

Conduct a search for article titles. You'll have to first visit some popular article directories to find the titles of articles in your niche to search for. And when you do the search, be sure to put the title in quotation marks. This will give you an accurate listing of the sites that have posted those articles. Contact them and ask if they'll add your articles to their sites.

Conduct a search for topics related to but not in direct competition with your offer. For example, if you have a product about dog training, search for "pet supplies" or "grooming."

Conduct a search for authors and experts in your field. Visit the sites who mention those names and find out which ones are promoting their products. Contact those who are using affiliate links and introduce yourself and your program.

Conduct a search for keywords or phrases contained in URL's. You do this by using the search string "inurl." For instance, you wouldn't search for "grooming;" you would search for "inurl: grooming." Then every site that has the word grooming in their URL will be listed.

Your affiliates are out there waiting for you; now go find them!
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