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Ten Tips for Maximizing Affliate Traffic

Oct 12, 2007
Once your affiliate center is filled with products, promotional tools and AFFILIATES, your site should start experiencing increased traffic volume. And here are ten things you can do to maximize that volume.

One: Make it EASY. Make it as easy as possible for people to join your program. For the bigger JV partners who are very busy, sign them up yourself and write all their sales copy. A program that gives them something (money) for nothing (no work because you did it all) is extremely appealing. And the traffic these people can generate for you should inspire you to want to do all the work.

Two: Update often. Your affiliate center is an ongoing marketing system that deserves constant attention. New and exciting copy gives your affiliates a reason to continue promoting for you. If you allow your affiliate center to become dormant, so will your affiliates. When your affiliates become dormant, the traffic they once generated ceases to exist.

Three: Offer a free gift for joining the program. Create some sort of digital product valued at $97 and use it to bribe people to become affiliates for you. They may only join to get the gift, but once they're in, you have the opportunity to persuade them to start promoting for you.

Four: Give a bonus for the first referred sale an affiliate makes. This tactic motivates your affiliates to begin promoting you immediately. Inform them that the only requirement to qualify for the free bonus (a product, service or cash prize) is one referred sale. This results in quick sales for you, plus a lot of your new affiliates will generate more than one immediate sale.

Five: Reward your affiliates for reaching a certain number of sales. This reward could be in the form of a higher commission rate, a prize, a cash bonus or some other type of gift. Be sure to notify them when they are approaching this magic number to motivate them to get the sales that will result in their reward.

Six: Provide a free copy of your products to top affiliates. Although you can't offer this review process to everyone who joins your program, (or you would end up with a ton of affiliates but no customers), your super affiliates will be able to give you a stronger endorsement if they've had a chance to review your product before they promote it. And a stronger endorsement from these affiliates means more traffic and more sales for you.

Seven: Offer to promote for your super affiliates if they promote for you. Or you could suggest other types of reciprocation such as a service you provide.

Eight: Maintain an affiliate blog. Post updates often, particularly during a pre-launch to a new product. A blog is also a great tool for training.

Nine: Communicate with your affiliate team. You must stay in contact with your team on a continual basis. Notify them when you add new content, advertisements or training materials. Make sure they know when you have new products coming out so that they can promote you and maximize traffic to your site. You must also be available to answer any questions your affiliates have.

To communicate, you can post notices in your affiliate center, send a weekly newsletter out via email, create a forum your affiliates can participate in and come to for announcements or host training teleseminars.

Ten: Have an affiliate contest. Create a contest in which your top producing affiliates earn extra cash and announce it in your affiliate center. The idea is to get their egos involved so they compete against each other. When they're competing against each other, you win due to all the traffic and sales generated as a result of the competition.

Although your affiliate center may take time and effort to setup and maintain, it is a critical aspect of your business and THE best way to generate free traffic to your site.
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