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How to Create Your MySpace Account

Oct 12, 2007
Driving traffic to your site with MySpace comes down to one thing: comments. The comments you leave on your friends' spaces serve as ads for your website. So don't think of them as comments. Think of them as concise, catchy, attention-grabbing ads that link directly to your site.

Ads that you pay $0 to post. The only catch is that you can only post 225 comments per day per profile. So to generate a significant and worthwhile amount of traffic, you need at least 10 different accounts.

Think about it. The more profiles you have, the more friends you can have. The more friends you have, the more comments you can post. The more comments you can post, the more traffic you bring to your site.

But before you can start leaving comments that link to your website, you have to grow your network of friends. Before you grow your network of friends, you have to find friends to invite. Before you find friends, you have to make your space attractive. Before you can make your space attractive, you have to register your accounts.

Setting up an account is free and easy to do. All that's required is a valid email address. As long as you have that, you're ready to begin the sign up process:

One: On the MySpace.com home page, click Sign Up.

Two: Enter a valid email address, your name and other basic information like your country, birthday and gender.

Three: Check the box to agree to the Terms of Service, then click SignUp.

Four: Verify you are human by typing the letters you see displayed in the box. Click Continue to My Account.

Five: Upload a picture of you to use as your main picture on your home page. When choosing a picture, keep in mind that the majority of people accept or reject friend requests based on the picture of the person sending the request. You don't have to look like a model; you just have to look friendly and likable.

Six: Once you upload a picture, you'll be asked to Invite Friends. You're not ready to invite friends yet, so click "Skip for Now" at the bottom of the page.

Seven: You should now see your picture on your home page and a list of editing options to the right of your picture. Find Account Settings and click.

Eight: Check the box beside "Do not send me notification emails." If you don't modify this account setting, your inbox is going to be flooded with emails from MySpace notifying you every time someone adds you as a friend. Receiving such notifications are unnecessary to your marketing plan.

Nine: Repeat the process 9 more times. The only thing you need to change in each profile is the email address because each account requires a unique and valid email address. If you don't have 10 different addresses, you can easily sign up for free accounts through Yahoo or Hotmail.

Ten: Confirm your email addresses for all 10 accounts in order to activate your accounts.

That's all it takes to create MySpace accounts. Once you have your accounts set up, you're ready to start inviting friends and driving traffic to your site.
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