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Using the Power of the Press to Generate Free Online and Offline Traffic

Oct 12, 2007
You have a new product ready to launch. And you're excited about it. You know it's going to change lives. All you need is TRAFFIC. But you want targeted traffic that comes from established media sources like newspapers, magazines and trade journals.

Only you want to tap into the power of the press without having to pay for advertising. Is such a traffic generation method possible? A free source of traffic that also establishes instant credibility for you? It may sound too good to be true, but it's not. That's the power of a press release.

Magazines and newspapers are constantly looking for quality stories to print. Radio and television stations are also in need of content to air. Which is why they want business owners like you to submit press releases to them.

Journalists are like most people. They're lazy. They'd much rather have a story come to them than exert the energy to track down stories to print or air. You make their jobs easier by letting them know about news-related events in your business.

Almost anything can qualify as a news-related event: a product launch, an upcoming seminar you'll be hosting or speaking at, hiring a new employee, moving into a new office or anything else that gives you a reason to talk about your business and therefore drive traffic to your site with a press release.

A press release is simply a one-page statement written to members of the media to announce a news-related event or product launch. The object is to get your release published "as is" or persuade journalists to develop an article about your announcement.

You can issue this statement via snail mail, email or fax to editors at radio stations, magazines, newspapers, television stations and television networks. You can also issue press releases through online distribution services. Some of these services allow you to post your release for free while others charge a fee. Issuing releases through online distribution services comes with an added bonus: links!

These services archive all releases submitted to them, so that provides you with permanent links to your site. That, of course, helps your search engine ranking even if your release doesn't get picked up by the media.

If your story does get picked up and featured in a news source, you establish instant credibility for yourself and your products while reaching an offline audience. So not only do you increase your traffic, you also increase your opt-in and conversion rates.

The only "catch" with a press release is that you have to know what kind of content to include and format that content in a certain way. Otherwise your release will be immediately trashed, leaving you with wasted time and no traffic.
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