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How to Generate Targeted Traffic Using MySpace

Oct 12, 2007
MySpace is "a place for friends." People sign up looking for friends who are interested in the same things they are interested in. If you share their interests and have information products or services that can enhance their lives, it's your duty as their "friend" to let them know about you.

You do that most effectively when you create at least 10 different profiles. MySpace limits the amount of friend requests and comments you can send per profile per day, but they don't limit the number of profiles you can register. By starting with 10 profiles, you should be able to generate at least 1,000 targeted visitors to your site every day.

Remember that with each profile you register, you should seek to be a great friend first. Make your space attractive by posting a variety of pictures. Don't forget to add a little humor to your profile and give away lots of free, helpful information. That's what friends are for!

Your main picture is your most important asset. Most users will authorize or reject you based on the quality of your picture alone. So choose a picture that captures your personality.

Then invest in friend management software. Considering you have no advertising costs, this software will soon pay for itself and is well worth the time and frustration it will save you from marketing your site manually.

This software gives you the power to be social, so take advantage of it by inviting 350 people per profile to become your friends each day. And once you start gaining friends, be bold. Comment on 225 friend spaces per profile each day. Include a link to your site every time you post a comment. This is how you get traffic!

But to avoid being flagged as a spammer, do not exceed the MySpace limits of 400 friend requests and 225 comments a day per profile.

And while you're inviting friends and commenting on other people's spaces, test, test, test. Test your pictures. Test your headlines. Test your friend request messages. Test your html comments. Test your text comments. Test everything. The more you test, the more you'll be able to see what works and what doesn't. Then you can stop doing what doesn't bring you traffic and start doing more of what does bring you traffic.

Finally, join groups in your target market. Visit the members' spaces and read their profiles as well as the comments posted on their sites. These spaces take you into the hearts and minds of your customers. By understanding how they think and feel, you can tweak your copy to reach them more effectively.

Above all, be consistent and persistent. Make requesting friends and posting comments a part of your daily marketing routine. By sticking with it and learning what it takes to gain friends in this social network, you will start to see a steady flow of free traffic come your way each and every day.
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