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Getting Your Business Coaching Practice On The Fast Track

Oct 12, 2007
Are you bored with your sluggish business coaching practice and wish to get it on to the fast track? The fact is that most of the self-employed people are more passionate about the work they do and neglect obtaining important details of the business. Business growth is not just based on passion, it based on progress as well. Coaches are doing quite well and nowadays the coaching business is booming. There are basically three keys for achieving success in the business-coaching arena.

. You should have good coaching skills to be a good coach so that you are well appreciated and sought after. You need solid guidance while launching and promoting your services.

. Coaching is a business, so you should be financially independent and always project yourself as a "rented friend" who always offers a shoulder to lean on so that the client can confide and understand the particular situation better. You must have a good business plan and start up capital. Try and learn from the experts who have flourished in this business.

. Marketing is the fuel required to put your business coaching practice on the fast track and a right marketing strategy can work wonders. Through marketing, you should build trust and make your services irresistible to clients.

Three problematic areas, which are usually ignored-

. The coaches lack in expertise. They need to keep on track with the growing needs.

. Self employed business coaches don't know where to get started or how to implement the right strategies to take the business to the next level.

. The coach may know what the client wants, but simply doesn't get motivated and does not take time off to understand the business and hence, juggles the responsibilities of the business.

Any business suffers, if it lacks support and thorough knowledge. So if you really want to boost your business coaching business, then you should put all your passion and enthusiasm into it. You have to basically find a solution for some issues like:

. Modes to increase revenue without going through the struggles of planning and strategies.

. The knowledge of how to balance work, your passion and business management.

. The know-how of how to increase the clarity and focus.

. The drive to focus on how to prioritize the tasks for gaining optimal effectiveness.


. Market yourself and your business at local service organizations.

. You can also market yourself by writing a column in the local newspaper.

. Speak about yourself and your coaching practices at the local radio station.

. Optimize your website to attract maximum traffic.

. Send monthly electronic newsletters.

. Try attending maximum networking opportunities.

. Create your own strategic alliances.

. Try hiring a marketing consultancy or agency.

. Advertise on larger bases such as on prime media vehicles; TV or radio etc.

. Buy space in a trade show.

Despite all the above-mentioned marketing strategies, you should be able to understand the outcome of each and if you find your strategic plan working profitably then continue working that way.
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