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3 Creative Ways to Learn a Foreign Language Using the Internet

Oct 13, 2007
Most people think of the internet as a place to learn. You can find language learning materials for every conceivable level.

Free ways to conjugate verbs, new vocabulary lists and explanations of all grammar points are just some of the things you can do right now. But, as with many things, there are more interesting and creative ways to use the internet to learn a foreign language.

And the more creative the better because boredom is guaranteed to kill your desire. There is nothing worse than repeating the same exercises over and over. Keeping things fresh is the surest way to maintain interest and motivation.

It doesn't matter if you're learning Spanish, Chinese or Swahili. Once you begin changing your routine and thinking "outside-the-lines" you'll be on your way to fluency.

Here are three creative ways to learn a foreign language that you can start to use right now.

Tip #1 - Enter a forum where the language is used. - Forums are places where you can get information on any topic imaginable. If you love finger-painting, decorating garbage cans or the study of fingernails, there is a forum that has other people who share the same interest.

All you have to do is decide on a topic you already like, perhaps gardening, and look for a forum in the target language. If you're learning Spanish, you can begin to learn Spanish vocabulary terms and expressions about gardening.

Your job, depending on your level, is to read the comments of others and get a feel for the group. Then, get busy adding comments of your own. This way, you can learn new words and enter discussions of topics that interest you.

Tip #2 - Find a friend in the same forum and begin an email exchange. - Once you're in the group and you're comfortable adding comments, ask if anyone in the group is learning English. (Don't be surprised by the large number of responses). Once you find someone that seems responsible and motivated, ask them if they'd like to practice with you via email. You could begin using Instant Messenger to communicate back and forth. And since you have a common interest, you'd have a lot to talk about.

The best way to handle this relationship is to have a set time to communicate in the language you want to learn, and then have the same amount of time in English so that your partner can practice.

Tip #3 - Find websites that you like in the target language and sign up for their newsletters. - First, you need to access pages in the target language. You do this by going to Google and looking for a link called preferences. It's right next to the search box.

Find the language you want to learn and save it. Then enter a topic you like and go to some web pages. Find one you like and sign up for their newsletter. This way, you'll have emails sent to your address in the target language that can be used to study.

Make sure you find a site that you like. And while you're at it, take a close look at the web site itself. What words do they use to attract their readers? What expressions can you pick up that spice up your own conversations?

All right now. With one of these ideas you can re-charge your language learning batteries and begin learning faster and easier than ever. So it's time to get to it.
About the Author
Jim Sarris is a veteran Spanish teacher and the author of a new ebook/audio series "The Secret to Learning Any Language." Visit his blog to obtain free information and learn about other resources to help you learn faster and easier than ever.Language learning made easy.
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