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Why Is The Reverse Funnel Marketing System So Effective?

Oct 13, 2007
In case you're not familiar with The Reverse Funnel System by Ty Coughlin, it is a popular new home based business opportunity that is quickly gaining momentum in home based business circles. The RFS is a highly automated system for growing a network marketing business downline, but why is The Reverse Funnel marketing system so effective? In this brief article, I'm going to cover some of the reasons why I believe The Reverse Funnel System is proving to be extremely effective, and hopefully by the time you've finished reading this you'll have a better understanding of exactly how this "funded proposal" system works.

With The Reverse Funnel System, Ty Coughlin has basically taken a marketing process that produces extremely high conversion rates, boiled it down to a formula, and entirely automated it. Not only is this an enormous time saver, it also enables virtually anyone to achieve similar results by simply focusing their attention on promotion. This creates momentum in a business, as brand new members are able to immediately begin duplicating the success that their upline sponsor is having by simply plugging into the system.

The hang-up in many MLM opportunities is the fact that duplication leaves a lot to be desired. Getting a new member up and running in a traditional multi-level marketing opportunity can take weeks, sometimes even months. With The Reverse Funnel System, newcomers simply take their unique referral link, send traffic to it, and the rest is automatic. In a nutshell, this results in an extremely viral business opportunity because it is so easily duplicated.

Hopefully this brief article has given you some insights into why The Reverse Funnel marketing system is so effective. Remember that while the RFS is totally automated, effort still needs to be put forth in order to become successful.
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