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Basics Of Marketing Your Business On The Internet

Oct 13, 2007
There is a lot of information about internet marketing available, both online and offline. The vast amount of information available to a small business owner can be overwhelming and quite confusing. That is why many small business owners are too intimidated by internet marketing to make a serious effort to grow their business with the power of internet. That is really a shame because when you strip away all the hype and the latest 'secret of the day' the basis are really quite simple. Whether you want to learn enough to do the internet marketing for your business online, or you want to be informed well enough to make wise choices in outsourcing the internet marketing for your business, it is critical that you understand the big picture.

I strongly think that success of your business is dependent on your skill to get noticed, and to provide incentives to people who are loyal to you and help in expansion of your business and what they speak for you. It is as simple on internet as it is on road. How it happens is dependent upon techniques employed by you.

There are two basic ways to draw attention to your business online. You can pay for advertising or earn it by putting yourself out there and networking, letting people know what service you provide. Yes, it really is that simple! However, whether you succeed or fail depends upon on your ability to put the theory into practice and make solid marketing plans.

In advertising, targeting the customer makes all the difference between a cost effective, successful campaign, and a complete waste of time and money. There are many methods for putting an advertisement in front of potential customers. Advertising on the internet is one of the best ways because the return on investment can be assessed very quickly, and without a large financial commitment. Furthermore, because of the low price of every advertisement, the campaign can be tailored to change in concert with recent events, marketing research, sales results, or other marketing indicators. Google Adwords, Yahoo, and MSN are popular internet advertisement providers, each delivering text advertisements targeted to the user's keyword search or other personal information. Advertisements can be selectively placed in websites related to the product, thereby targeting the customer demographic, and his or her specific set of interests. Future articles will explore other advertising options.

The alternative method of getting noticed by your would-be customers is to earn the placement. The goal here is to be highly rated on web search results for terms that are desirable for you, as well as to receive links and traffic from other websites that are frequented by your potential clients. To achieve this, the best way to proceed is by posting information that is valuable to the users of other sites. Of course, this method requires a significant commitment of time, effort, and money, but the payoff is a much more permanent presence on search engines than you could achieve with any advertising campaign. This method strikes me as preferable because of the long-run payoff for your work, but you should know in advance what you are getting into so that you can maximize the return on your hard work.
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