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Starting A Network Marketing Business? The Questions You Need To Ask

Oct 13, 2007
Prior to joining any home business you want to have the following questions answered to your

1. "How can I succeed with you? I could just as easily join with another company or another distributor in your company." What advantages would I have in working with you I typically wouldn't have with someone else?

2. Can you show me how to have customers attracted to me or do I have to chase down people and try to rope them into my business?

3. Exactly what level of support can you provide me to assist me in being successful?

All marketing is finding solutions for problems people have. Most people in network marketing go about it totally wrong, simply trying to pitch their product or opportunity without regard for what the individual they are marketing to actually needs. If you get involved you'll learn the correct way of marketing this business.

In this light why are you looking at a home business, what problem are you trying to solve - job insecurity, frustrated with your current financial situation, etc.?

Next question to think about is what are you good at? What do you think are your strong points that would apply to being successful in business a trait that does or could make you more confident in speaking to others, because if you become involved we will enhance those points to make them advantages to the people you speak with.

For example are you organized, are you a good speaker, etc.

Next question is what do you think are your weak points, that could interfere with your business success? These may or may not be important - I tend to have people concentrate on their strong attributes rather than trying to improve on their weaknesses. Provided their weaknesses are not a major stumbling block to success.

Without mentioning the boorish questions; How much money do you have to invest in a home business? And don't forget; How much time can you spend weekly, in your business? I left these out because these questions don't matter much if you don't meet other qualifications. Basically other factors are a much better indicator of future success than how much money or time you have to invest.

The first thing you're going to do is go through a series of steps to give you credibility and authority plus add a level of professionalism to your business.
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