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Overcoming The Fear Of Business Coaching

Oct 13, 2007
As a business coach what actually matters is the skill to deal with people. Are you scared to face people? Fear is in your mind and you need to conquer this fear because dealing with people and solving their issues is what business coaching all about. So if you want to succeed you need to overcome the fear of coaching. Hence, first understand what it takes to succeed as a business coach.

Question yourself: what are you afraid of?

Fight with your fear. This helps to know where the fear is coming from. Try to analyze the root cause of the fear. Do some root cause analysis. Like put yourself in a situation where you need to handle a number of clients. If you are scared of something, find a solution to overcome the fear.

Preplanning: If you prepare yourself in advance, it is easier to overcome your fear. Preplan and then face others. This includes preparing presentations so that you feel confident enough to face others.

Relax, be at ease: Don't panic. Take a deep breath and relax. Understand that your clients are not going to hurt you. In fact you are the one who is in charge and going to solve their issues. So understand all their queries and then try to sort them step-by-step.

Arrive early: See to it you arrive a little early in case there is an appointment set. If you are late, the fear factor starts increasing. Being 10 to 15 minutes early gives you some time to prepare to face your client.

Understand your commitments: As a coach you need to understand your commitments. You are committed to your clients, but you find yourself busy overcoming your fears rather than solve their issues. So if you realize that you are committed towards a responsibility, focus on the important activities rather than getting scared. Whenever your fear follows you, just remind yourself that you are committed to make a difference to other peoples' lives. Your mind reflects both positive and negative aspects of any situation. So question yourself and you get the appropriate answer. This way you will be able to stick to your commitments and reach your goals.

Share your commitments: Express yourself. Communication is the shortest distance between two people. So share your commitments as it gains more power when you let others know about them. Thus, creating a new commitment and sharing it with others is equally important to overcome your fear. Preplan and make a list of the clients you are going to call, what appropriate actions you are expecting to take and with whom you would be sharing your experiences.

So what are you waiting for? Just make a note of all the commitments and try to meet them as soon as you can. If you have a positive approach towards your work no one can stop you from winning. So get all fears out of your mind and coach as many clients you can.
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