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The Secret To A Thriving Business Coaching Practice

Oct 13, 2007
Are you one of those frustrated business coaches? Even though they have the skills, plan and good services to provide, most business coaches are not successful. The reason is their inability to draw people's attraction. If you want to succeed in this business you need to understand the principles of attraction that will draw your desires to you.

The Secret to a Thriving Practice: Most of the coaches start their business following the marketing book. They put in a lot of effort by building a website, creating brochures, business cards and advertising themselves. However, the fact is that they grow, but very slowly. So what is the secret behind the success story of other coaches? You need to consider the below mentioned tips so that your business booms.

Gain more confidence to achieve success: It is not so easy to be a coach and change people's lives. Building a website or designing a brochure does play an important role in being a coach, but that doesn't help in the long run. As a coach you really need to be very confident. If you are scared to face people then you will lose your clients. So it is important that you develop an image where people can trust you. However, it is obvious that you can't gain money immediately. Initially you need to gain some experience and increase your confidence to survive in this business. You can attend some training sessions either for few weeks or months. Get those initial sessions done where you need to select the target list of likely prospects, craft an invitation that you are comfortable with and complete your exploratory sessions with a group of people.

If you go through such sessions with a group of people may be 50 or 60 people what you achieve is:
. The actual feeling of being a coach
. A practice that looks busier
. An easy way to collate more referrals
. Free training
. More number of clients with more confidence
. Probabilities to achieve more revenue in future
. A testimonial

This is the beginning of success. So don't get depressed and start planning for these sessions. Coach as much as you can. Don't lose heart. Though you are offering free sessions, don't forget that you are gaining a lot of confidence. This initial practice is the way for your future growth. Once you are confident enough you can start charging people. Thus, with this initial practice you get a complete picture of being a successful coach and changing people's lives by helping them.

Once you gain confidence as a coach then you can work on long term strategies like building a website or designing business cards. However, the initial stage is crucial and you need to work with confidence and within the current network, to build a rapport in the market.

Begin with 10 clients and seek help from your mentor coach for more sustainable marketing methods. Over a period of time you will achieve perfection and there is an increase in number of clients. But again you need to ensure that you don't lose these clients so as to gain more profit.
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