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20 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Adsense CTR

Oct 13, 2007
Most people think that just by placing the Adsense code onto their website will start earning them big checks! I am not ashamed to admit that even I thought the same when I was new. But I soon realized that if I do not optimize my Ads, it is impossible to achieve a good income from Adsense.

In order to earn big Adsense checks, you have to have a good CTR (Click Through Rate) CTR is the number of clicks an ad receives divided by the number of times the Ads are shown. A high CTR means more people are clicking on your Ads.

In this article I would like to share everything I have learnt to boost my Google Adsense CTR. If you follow these tips, you will see an instant jump in your CTR.

In order to achieve a very high CTR ( 30% + ) it is important that the following points are taken care of :

1. Google should serve Ads relevant to your niche.
2. You should have the right kinds of Ad formats place in the right places
3. Your Ads should be properly formatted

If you take care of all the three points above, you are guaranteed to have a CTR greater than 30%

Have Google serve relevant Ads

We have to ensure that the ads that are being served by Google are closely related with your content. This is very important because if your ads are not relevant your visitors will not click on them. Here are some tips to ensure that Google displays relevant Ads on your site

Mention your niche keyword in your Title Tag
One great way is to mention your main keyword in the Title tag of your page. This will tell Google that your keyword must be in integral part of your content; otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned it in the title.

Mention your niche keyword several times in the body of your content
Mention your keywords a couple of times in the body of your content. This will tell Google what your page is all about. Please do not go overboard with this. If you put your keywords too many times, Google will think you are trying to spam.

Make your keyword Bold
It also helps to bold your niche keyword, so that it stands out. You can also use H1 tag for highlighting your keyword. Again, by doing this, Google will feel that the keyword is very relevant to your site's content

Have descriptive names for your images
If you have images on your page, give relevant names to the image files. For example, if your site is on bicycle, call your images bicycle1. jpg and bicycle2. jpg and not image1. jpg and image2. jpg.

Do not have too much content on your page
This is contrary to what many Gurus feel. Having too much of content on the page has got two disadvantages. Firstly, your keyword density for your main keyword decreases and Google may not understand exactly what your page is all about.

Secondly, if you have too much of content on your page, your visitors will get what they are looking for, and will not be tempted to click on your ads. This will adversely affect our CTR

Use a descriptive file name
This tip is often overlooked by webmasters. But its quite effective. If your page is on bicycles, call your page yourdomain. com/bicycles and not yourdomain. com/ bi

This will again help Google understand what your page is all about and hence it will deliver relevant Ads

Ad Formats and their placement

Google provides dozens of Ad formats that you can use on your site. These ads are of different sizes. Some of them are completely ineffective. But some are really powerful. Once you know what kinds of Ad formats to use, you should take care of placing them at the right places. If they are not placed strategically, they will not be clicked on often enough.

Here are some tips to choose the best kinds of Ad formats and optimum placements

Use Large Rectangle (336 x 280) as your primary Ad format
The Large Rectangle (336x280) works like a charm because it has proven itself to be the best performing format. If you place it "above the fold", its magic!

Use Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600) on the Left/Right border
The Wide Skyscraper 160 x 600 performs very well on the left or right side of your screen. I prefer putting it on the left side because it gets seen more than the right side..

Do not neglect the Link Unit!
A Link Unit is one of the most under-utilized Ad format. But if used correctly, and in the right position, it can be really profitable format if put in the right place. It is supposed to be placed near your navigation menu. Most people will think it's a part of your navigation menu and automatically read it. And if the ads being served are very relevant to your niche, they will click on it!

Try using a Link Unit format that has 4 keywords in them. This is because the size of the ad text would be slightly bigger, and look more like a navigational menu. Also make sure to make the border color blend with your website's background

Hey, we also have Search Boxes : Don't forget that Google also provides us Search boxes that we can put on our site. Do not put them above the fold. But them in a less prominent place further down the page. Bottom of the page or somewhere on the left side below the fold is perfect.
Do not expect much money from Search boxes, but anything that comes in extra counts!

Avoid Image Ads
Google also has an option whereby you can select image ads to be displayed instead of your text ads. Try to avoid this because people are more responsive to text than images.

Have your Ads above the fold
This is one of the most important tip to increase your CTR. The term "above the fold", comes from newspapers. Any news above the fold on the front page of a newspaper will be read more than any other part of the newspaper. The same rule applies to AdSense too.

Here, "above the fold" means the top position of your screen that is visible without the user having to scroll down. So if you place your Ads "above the fold", it will be visible to everyone, and they won't have to scroll down. Your Ads are therefore more likely to get clicked. Also, the area above the fold loads before the rest of the page. So this is by far the best location for Adsense Ad placement.

Try not to have any other links "above the fold"
This may not always be possible. But if you can, remove all links that are "above the fold". The only links displayed should be your Adsense Ads. By having any other link, you are giving your visitors the option of clicking on them. This will decrease your CTR. If you do not have any other links, your visitors will sub-consciously be forced to click on your Adsense Ads. This will shoot up your CTR.

Do not neglect the bottom of your page!
If you have followed the above points, you will find that most people click on the Ads above the fold. But there will be some who will go down the page. And when they reach the end, they normally think "what next" To help them, we should have an Adsense Ad to bid them farewell!! By placing an Adsense ad at the end of the page they will often click it!

Formatting Your Ads

We have all got something called "Ad-blindness". That means we have been sub-consciously conditioned to ignore Ads. Most of the time we completely ignore banners on web pages. We run away from anything that remotely resembles and Ad!

The same is with Adsense. If we want to make our Ads noticed, we have to make sure that they do not look like Advertisements. We have to format our Ads so that they seem to be a part of our content. Once your Ad blends with your page and your content, you will see amazing CTRs.

Here are some tips to properly format your Ads so that they don't look like Ads.

Make the background of your Ad the same as the background of your page
If the background of your web page is white, make sure the background of your Ad is white too. Our main aim is to make the Ad not look like an Ad. If they look like an Ad, they will not be clicked upon. No one wants to click on Advertisements, right? We want our Ad to look as if it's a part of our content. So make sure the background of your Ad is the same as that of your page. This will do wonders for your CTR.

Remove the border of your Ad
Again, this follows the same principle as above. If you put a border around your Ad, they will look like Ads. They will scream aloud, "This is an ad!" And this will kill your CTR.

If you remove the border, they will blend with your content.

You might think this is something trivial but many people report a massive increase in their CTR, just by removing their border. So let the border go by having a similar color as your background

Provide ample free space around your Ads.
Do not make your Ads look cluttered. Have enough free space around them to make them look neat. And if you have blended it well, your CTR would see an instant jump.

Remove additional titles like "Sponsored Links" or "Advertisements"
Google allows you to mention titles like "Sponsored Links" or "Advertisements" above your Adsense ads. I suggest you do not mention anything like this at all. Why would you want to tell your visitor that they are Ads when Google already displays "Ads by Gooooogle"

Change the Link color to Blue.
This has proven to have a positive impact on my CTR. This is because the color Blue symbolizes a link. We have got used to seeing links in blue. So if your Ads have a clickable blue link, they are more likely to get clicked.

Make the color of your URL and the color of your Ad's text the same
This again, is often overlooked. If the color of your Ad text is the same as the color of your Ad URL, it will make the URL blend, or melt, thereby making your blue link more visible. This will make your Ads more clickable!

If you follow the above points, you can be assured to achieve CTRs that most people only dream of. Achieving a CTR of 30%-40% would be normal!
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