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Achieving That All-Important Duplication In Network Marketing

Oct 13, 2007
It's a constant refrain:

'You must achieve duplication in your MLM or network marketing business'.

So what's the big secret about duplication for your network marketing business?

Quite simply because without duplication you are totally reliant on your own efforts in building your business.

Without duplication, you may as well hang up your hat because your business is never going to achieve its growth potential and you are never going to have a team creating residual income for you.

We constantly hear of the heavy hitters in this industry who are earning six figures a month. There is only ONE way to achieve that kind of income in network marketing and that is by duplication, i.e. a downline which contributes towards your income. In some other industries you can make huge amounts from your own efforts alone, but MLM depends on others below you working for you.

Sadly, the majority of network marketers will never achieve that level of income because they haven't mastered the secret of effective duplication.

The average MLMer will be enraptured by the possibility of recruiting a "big gun" or two, hoping they will go berserk and begin business building like a madman, thus creating a huge downline for their sponsor.

That's not how it works!

Although duplication is the key to sending your income and your business into the stratosphere, it is YOU who needs to go berserk and make it happen for yourself.

That way your downline will see for themselves what you're doing and the results you're getting and will follow in your footsteps.

You can't rely on others to build up your business for you. If you are serious about building a successful team then the only way is by leading from the front and being the kind of network marketer yourself that you would like your recruits to be.

You need to supply your team with a business building education and provide them with the proper tools to enable them to duplicate your results.

So what can you do to achieve duplication?

Be the leader and achieve the kind of results you would wish to see in your team first. Start the business of duplication through your own personal efforts and don't stop until the task is completed.

Invest in education in marketing and sales to enable you to rise above the pack and achieve better results.

Attract other potential leaders and business builders by using lead generation systems and creating your own leads instead of trying to prospect everyone you meet, like so many others do. You don't want to recruit just anyone, you just want to sift out those people who are on the same wavelength and can really see the power of network marketing and are willing to work for it. This will save you so much time and effort in getting your duplication off to a great start rather than wasting your time on half-hearted people.

Always record your own and your team's results from your marketing measures to gain maximum impact. The mantra here is: if it's working do more of it, if it's not working, stop doing it.

Real duplication and effective team building will happen in your MLM business if you play your part first to make sure that duplication begins with you and that you have educated both yourself and also your team in effective marketing and business building methods.

Once this starts to happen in your business, it's like a boulder careering down a mountain - unstoppable! Just remember that it all starts with you!
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