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Applaud Your Employees With Rewards

Oct 14, 2007
It has been proven that satisfied and content employees who feel appreciated most often translate into a higher level of productivity and growth within a company. Business owners and supervisors stand to gain a great deal when they provide rewards and incentives for their employees, which serves as encouragement and most importantly - a sense of belonging to a team.

Why Reward Employees?

Over the years, numerous companies have benefited from rewarding their employees for a job well done. This practice has been seen in the Employee of the Month parking space to the gold watch given to employees who have delivered impressive years of service and loyalty. Morale increases throughout the work place environment when employers acknowledge and show interest in their employees. The staff then knows that the higher ups are paying attention to the hard work they accomplish. When employees feel like an asset to the company, their enthusiasm shows through in the work they produce. In the end, many businesses that reward their employees stand to profit in the long run, as it boosts overall company pride.

Different Ways to Reward

Companies show their gratitude in their employees in many different ways. As mentioned before, some companies select an Employee of the Month and often reward an advantageous parking space accompanied by other highlighted achievements. One of the most common ways to showcase the diligent work ethic of an employee is to award a plaque or framed certificate.

Sometimes, a bulletin board may honor various employees throughout the year for the entire office to take notice. Announcements regarding excellence within a company are also broadcasted over a PA system, shared during group meetings, or sent to all workers by way of email.

At times, personalized corporate gifts are honored. The depth, meaning, motive, and results of awarding employees depend on the company, as some businesses rely on incentives to increase productivity and spark added interest in employees. For instance, employees who sell the most products or land the most lucrative clients may receive a bonus or other perks as a reward. This may include use of the company car, free membership to the gym, access to the country club or exclusive golf course, or complimentary airline tickets. The possibilities are truly endless and don't always have to push the limits of luxury - a simple assortment of doughnuts in the conference room to say "thank you" is also effective.

When to Reward

The work environment of a company is a good indicator of when and how to reward. Some employees enjoy monthly reminders, while others strive to receive acknowledgment as soon as a particular project, assignment, or task has been successfully completed. Usually, the importance of the reward is heightened when all or most of their co-workers are in the office to share in their achievement. The presence of executives or partners (when applicable) also enhances the moment. Sometimes, employees look forward to a formal get-together, such as a banquet or awards ceremony in order to bask in their glory.
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