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The Job Burnout Cure

Oct 15, 2007
I've had to recently change one of my life's missions into the following: "I must dedicate myself to helping others get out of the rut that I'm in." You see, like many of you, I've been doing the same job for almost 20 years, granted I'm one of the best in the business, but the daily grind of working for someone else and being on a limited income starts to take it's toll and what in the world is the cure?

You see, I've known all along, since I was a young boy, that I was going to be a great success in this life, so how is it that I now find myself forty-one, in credit card debt like many of my friends, and working a job that I'd leave in a heartbeat if I had the money to do so?

About nine months ago I discovered that if I just started working on "myself" many issues in my life would get better and I'd learn how to be a better husband, better writer, and better person in general. My journey began with "personal development." Personal development is a 64 Billion Dollar Industry. Companies pay premium dollars to have motivational speakers come and fine tune their employees, leaving them destined to work in what I call the "rut."

Well, recently I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with a group of cutting edge entrepreneurs in Dallas, Texas, that quite simply changed my life. I came into their corporate meeting, and left a different person. I was able to click on a switch in my entrepreneurial heart, one in which needed to be ignited for my family and my future.

So how do we help all those good people out there who have job burnout? First, we need to identify that there may be millions of you. I'm one of them for sure. What are the symptoms? You may be one of the greatest employees your company has ever seen. You are probably one of those whose accolades are pages long. The truth is that many of those whom we respect beyond compare are actually dying on the inside due to lack of achievement, personal development, and lack of finances.

These are not bad people, these are great people who are stuck in dead end jobs.

These are not necessarily bad jobs either, I'm talking lots of people who are managers, supervisors, executives, and all the way down to the street sweepers. We all have one thing in common. We are fed up but have no way out.

So then, what do you do? Here's the answer. Find yourself a company, a home business mind you, an affiliate program, a company that has been established for many years, then get to know the leadership, and imitate what they do.

That sounds too easy I know, and you may say, that's not going to pay me as much as my work does. You may be right. However, over time it will pay you ten times what your work pays you and the bonuses and rewards will be a hundred fold.

The executives I met in Dallas Texas all had one thing in common. They were putting massive action behind their business. I met people from all walks of life. People from Colorado, England, Arizona, Texas, Nebraska, and Canada to name just a few. All of them also had the attitude of let's help each other make it to the top.

It's a well known fact in home business that most people fail. Yet, do you know why? They refuse to do exactly what their sponsors are doing to be successful in the first place. I've got it all boiled down to a simple formula, and I'll give it to you now. Here it is: Tell your testimonial and get your upline sponsor on the phone.

That sounds too easy too, right? Well, one of my best friends is a national director for a major MLM, one of which I mentioned the name, most of you would know. He told me that his income went from $8000 a month to $18,000 a month the minute he started sharing his testimonial and getting people on the phone with his sponsor.

You have to be willing to go to work. You see, we are all willing to go to work for someone else, giving them eight hours a day of our precious time, uninterrupted, for something that is really leading nowhere financially, and over time could take it's toll, God forbid, on you physically. Well, how hard is it really, to tell a few people, or advertise your new home business, and just put them on the phone on a three-way call with your sponsor or leader?

What if there was a company out there who would guarantee your success in writing? What if they told you that if you did exactly what they said, and followed their steps, and you weren't making $50,000 a year by the end of one year, they would refund every dollar you've invested in materials and or services in full? The company I visited in Dallas, has just such a guarantee!

There are opportunities out there like that, but you have to know where to look, and you have to work with people you trust, and people you know aren't going to leave you when another opportunity comes around. You also need to know that when you get around other successful people, they need to be people who are willing to share "how" they became successful.

Most online business companies are willing to sign you up and take your money, but very few are willing to train, motivate, and insure your success.

Find a company that you know has an impeccable track record, has gigantic support in terms of household names and sponsors, and most of all, find a group of people that are already wealthy, and cleave to them, become their friend, and do exactly what they say.

This will lead to your breakthrough in life and you being able to leave your dead end job. By hanging around truly wealthy people who are willing to share their secrets, you will get wealthy too. Problem is, where do you find such a fabulous company?
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