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What are Electronic Books?

Oct 15, 2007
The wellness industry is a thriving and growing business in today's market place both on the internet and offline. There are literally thousands upon thousands of wellness industry related products on the market. Consumers are buying these products in record sales throughout the world. Now is the best time to be in the wellness industry market to make huge profits.

You might be wondering what electronic books have to do with the wellness industry. They have a great deal to do with this industry because information is empowering. People are constantly reading and learning all that they can on many different subjects.
Electronic books have become very popular because people can instantly download them and read from the comfort of their homes. There are no late fees with checking books out from the offline library. There is no hassle with storage of boxes and boxes of books that have been read and collected over the years. There is also no trying to figure out how to put yet another bookshelf in your home because everything is electronic.

There are many sub-areas of the wellness industry today. There are skin care items, hair items, nutritional items, herbal items, massage items, and more. The list is quite long and would be a book in length if I tried to list them all. With each area of the wellness industry, there is information. Often, this information can be compiled into electronic books for readers to have all the information located in one place right at their fingertips.

You can benefit from the wellness industry electronic books. Your first option is to take all of your knowledge from your niche and create several electronic books that you can sell or give away for free. If you put a link to your ecommerce site and your newsletter site in your electronic books this will give you free advertising.

Often people will write informational books and strategically place ads for their products and services in the books. The electronic books are given away for free in hopes that while readers are going through them that they will select a product or visit a particular website. Note that I said strategically. You do not want an electronic book that is just spam or a twenty page sales copy letter. These will irritate readers and actually lose your business as word of mouth gets around that your company does nothing but spam and provide sales pitches.

Since people crave information, you can use electronic books on your ecommerce site. You can sell books that you have re-sell rights to, give away free books that others have written for free distribution, or even have someone write one for you to sell. The wellness industry electronic books on your site will encourage a higher traffic level of visitors.

This in turn should yield you more sales in for your wellness industry products and services. People will naturally browse through your site and possibly join your newsletter or even buy some of your products that you have listed.

So take advantage of the wellness industry electronic books to increase your profits and to provide the public with wellness industry information that they can use.
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