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Oct 15, 2007
How many times do you take surveys for free? Why not get paid for taking surveys? There is not an easier or more fun way to make money online than taking a paid survey.

I started my paid surveys around two years ago and still am doing them to this day. I no longer do this full time for I have evolved my business into other areas as well. However, taking surveys only part time now still pays very well and is too fun to quit.

When I first started to get paid for taking surveys, the pay was not all that great. But I was determined to make this work for a full time business for me. I took every survey that was sent my way and kept building with more survey companies. Eventually, these survey companies started seeing me as a creditable survey taker and started sending me the higher paid surveys. This is when the money really started to roll in.

I had to be patient and consistent in taking these surveys. I could not do some surveys one day and then do none for a week. I was being sent surveys every day, so I took surveys every day. Not all surveys were for a cash payout, but I took them anyway. I was building credibility at this point and learning exactly what these survey companies were looking for.

After a couple of months, I noticed that more and more surveys were coming in for pay. Most of the surveys were for only five to ten dollars a survey. But, when you figure you can easily take three paid surveys in an hour that added up to 15 to 30 dollars an hour. Not bad pay for just giving my opinion.

What was happening was that these companies that were sending me the surveys that did not pay in cash realized that I was serious about taking surveys as a business and started sending the paid surveys. I was glad I spent the time taking the surveys that put me in a monthly drawing or gave me points for each survey. So many points would have a payout.

Eventually I was earning as much as some people made at a full time job. I did surveys full time for over a year before I decided I would get into some other internet businesses.

Taking paid surveys was my start to making money online and today I am financially free. I just grin when I hear people say taking online paid surveys is a scam. Maybe they just did not want the dream bad enough. It all starts when you get paid for taking survey questionnaires.
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Denise Nuttall owns Paid Online Survey Reviews to find credible paid survey programs. Find how you can get started with a work fom home business here: Paid Surveys
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