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Power The Home Based Business Opportunity With Opt In Email Marketing

Oct 15, 2007
This fan club feature means that the opt in email marketing needs a special treatment from you. These people require a special approach during a long period of time. The persistence is the king. The contacts have to be useful, polite and without any push to buy. The fan will buy, when the time is right.

The people on your list are the most targeted people and your major job is to build a relationship with them, from person to person. This is important. All we small home based business opportunity marketers are small business entrepreneurs, who have to know our customers. And, it is best that we do not call them customers but friends, who we want to help in all their questions!

I am sure that these people wait for some kind of special treatment, a personal touch. Actually, all information you send to them must be useful, but the more important is that they see and feel that you care. That needs a regular flow of contacts!

The best way to quarantee the long term success with your home based business opportunity list is to write a strategy, i.e. what is the role of the list in your communication mix. Here are some tips for your plan:

1. Know The People On The List!
People will give their profile information when you tell that the purpose is to serve them better and the feedback is very important. This is important, because if you are successful here, you will get a big amount of information about product ideas, training tips, new promotion tips etc. One good manner is to offer evrything new first to your list people.

2.Communicate With Your Fans Differently.
Maybe the most effective way is to contact these people with a totally separate communication program, i.e. to communicate personally with each of them or to send them a Member Special messages.
And those, who are willing to give you a more in depth profile you can give a free resale rights for instance. It is important to serve these people regularly, but not too often. Maybe once a month is a right frequency.

3. When A Person Buys Something From You, Ask Some Feedback.
That makes him feel, that you really care, which is exactly true. It is a good customer or member service. It is useful to remember that most of the members are marketers themselves, so they can learn too..

4. Take The Member Feedback Seriously.
If you change your website or product mix according to what a member has wished, it has a nice impact on the feel, how other members will see your home based business opportunity. These VIP members must feel and see that their opinions has the desired impact.

6.To Reach The Trust Is The Target.

The hype, overpromising and underdelivering, is the worst style in the VIP communication. The home based business opportunity by opt in email marketing is a relationship building. So use the superlatives and adjectives with care.
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