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How To Avoid The Lure Of Online Survey Scams

Oct 16, 2007
Being exposed to online survey scams is almost part and parcel with surfing the web for income making opportunities. How do you avoid them?

Well, I'm not sure you can actually avoid them but you can certainly be a little more prudent about what's believable and what's not.

A good sales pitch can convince even the most hard-nosed shopper out there so don't feel guilty if you've been sucked into the vacuum of one of these online survey scams. It's important to realize there are many opportunity seekers out there just like you. Most are genuinely trying to improve their lives and looking to add a little extra padding to their bottom line.

Then there are others also looking for opportunities but with different intentions. Making a quick buck and if you happen to be in their line of fire believe me, take it from someone who has, it's hard to resist some of the irresistable offers thrown at you.

First rule in avoiding the temptation of being lured into online survey scams is if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. If more people adhered to this saying or even printed it on a piece of paper and put it somewhere they can see it on a regular basis then less victims would fall prey to scam artists.

Online survey scams are particularly tempting to the elderly in the community with very little online experience. Adding some extra income to their retirement benefits or pensions sounds like an appealing thought but the web doesn't distinguish between the young and the old and can be an unforgiving environment.

Wonderful testimonials are another way online survey scams can lure you into their web. You need to keep an open mind and again ask the question... if it's too good to be true then it probably is. Or, if this is so good, then why isn't everyone making a fortune?

Also be careful of documented proof because as with testimonials, they can be fabricated. Guarantees are another no no in the survey arena. Really, the only thing that can be guaranteed is a full refund of money paid for being unsatisfied with results. But here is the kicker... you shouldn't have to part with money in the first place to take part in online surveys.

Keep that in mind the next time you come across a site wanting some form of compensation for a list of paid survey opportunities or payment for getting you jobs.
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