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Start With the A's for Home Business Success

Oct 16, 2007
If you want business success, three factors will help get you there. Those who have been in business for a while have learned about the three A's. Advertise, Awareness and Advantage. Unfortunately, a lot of home businesses have had to learn this the hard way.

They may have lost money or clients, or they may have gone through a business failure. New entrepreneurs need to stay on top of their business strategies to avoid going through the same problems. Here are three ways to achieve success when starting out in business.


New businesses often skimp on advertising to keep costs low when starting up. Many entrepreneurs try to use small bits of advertising and build up slowly and carefully. Caution is good; every enterprise needs to be careful with expenses. For a new business though, promotion and advertising can create a strong client base and ensure survival through the first year.

When choosing advertising and promotions, put money into the most effective choices. It may sound a little pretentious to rent billboard space, but that type of advertising will have a far greater impact than an ad in the local newspaper. Breaking into the market means using aggressive advertising strategies to get the word out about your home business.

Remember, too, that to make a dollar, you need to spend a dollar. While the initial cost of larger advertising or better placements in consumer vision cost more up front, the rewards and sales that result from the exposure pay for the expense in no time.


Knowing at all times what the competition is up to lets you stay one step ahead of them. Letting your guard down may mean that the competition runs a promotion that attracts customers, your customers. Always keep an eye out for what price points the competition uses, what services they offer, and what sort of marketing tactics they're using to reach potential customers.

Learn from those competitors, especially established ones that you know are doing well. Try to see which strategies are working the best for them and apply those to your business. Have an open mind as well; don't just keep an eye on direct competition from merchants from the same sized business as yours. Compare smaller competitors with larger ones, and then compare the two to your products and services.


Business advantage comes from carrying out thorough research. Every move you make needs to be researched for financial details and expectations as well as business-specific details. It's important that new home businesses make moves on well-researched actions to create somewhat predictable results. At the very least, make sure that every risk taken is a calculated one to avoid surprises down the road.

Advantage comes with researching the specific business that you're getting into as well. Learn as much about it as you can and delve into history of competitors to see what you might expect in the future.

While business success does have its ups and downs, doing what you can to seal success for your home business and avoid failure is important. Never jump into anything that may have consequences you aren't prepared to deal with. Always try to analyze each angle of what might result from a decision. With a little care and attention to detail, your business will steadily grow stronger. Carry out plans geared to success that you have researched, and watch your business develop good roots in the solid foundation you've created.
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